The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Invisible Tape World,

We are that Invisible Tape World people that are magnetized to every Word that was spoken on the magnetic tape. We are proud to say, “YES, we do believe every Word. We believe it is the fulfillment of: Malachi 4:5, Luke 17:30, Hebrews 13:8, Revelation 10:7. We believe it is the Voice Of God for our day. We believe it is Thus Saith The Lord.”

Oh, when we all gather together, these little places coming together, it’s wonderful. No denomination; no ties of nothing, but only to Jesus Christ, that’s all, see, just “setting together in Heavenly places.”

What a special, red-letter Easter weekend the Lord gave us as He magnetized His Bride with His Voice. He brought us together from around the world, and set us in Heavenly places, and then revealed His Word to us by telling us, “Shalom. Have no fear, all is well. I’m coming for you soon. It won’t be long now. You are a reflection of My Word.”

How wonderful it was as we all gathered each day and worshiped Him, praised Him and thanked Him for our healing, our refilling of His Holy Spirit, and most important, giving us the True Revelation of Himself in our day.

We are rejoicing like never before. A great revival has come amongst His Church. There can be no mistake, no doubt; we have recognized Him for our day, and now we have recognized who we are, His sweetheart Bride.

As the Eagles gathered, we re-consecrated our life anew to Him and told Him from our hearts:

I am Yours, Lord. I lay myself on this altar, just as consecrated as I know how to make myself. Take the world from me, Lord. Take the things from me that’s perishable; give me the imperishable things, the Word of God. May I be able to live that Word so closely, till the Word will be in me, and I in the Word. Grant it, Lord. May I never turn from It. May I hold that King’s Sword so tightly, and grip It so closely. Grant it, Lord.

This is truly the prayer of every believer. May we never turn from it. May we never add our thoughts or our ideas to it, but stay with God’s provided way for our day, this Message.

He has provided us with all that we have need of: a sacrificial lamb, the Pillar of Fire, a prophet, the Voice of God on magnetic tape. The Message of this hour has matched everything the Bible spoke of.

As it was upon Mount Transfiguration that day, when they were commissioned to only “Hear Ye Him,” that is our testimony this day, for the Bride ONLY wants to “Hear Ye Him.”

We want to go beyond the camp. No matter what it costs us, we’ll take our cross and bear it every day. No matter what people say about us, misunderstand us, or make fun of us, we want to follow Him outside the camp.

Dear Bride, there is ONLY ONE SURE WAY, PRESS PLAY AND HEAR YE HIM. The prophet said men can truly be anointed of God, with a right revelation from God, and be wrong, but the Tapes can NEVER BE WRONG.

Come and be magnetized to His Word with us this Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we are: Going Beyond The Camp 64-0719E, and hear the Voice of God speak to His Bride.

Bro. Joseph Branham


Scriptures to read before Service:

Hebrews 13:10-14
Matthew 17:4-8


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