Pakistan has a population of over 199 million people, and 97% of those are Muslim. Not only are Christians often persecuted, but they are sometimes killed for their faith. Even through this persecution, still the Bride of Jesus Christ is receiving their spiritual Food in due season.

Brother Shamoon Yaqoob, VGR distributor in Pakistan, latest report gives some details of local believers visiting the office in Karachi, Pakistan, and a recent distribution trip to a house church.

It is a great privilege for me that I am writing to Voice of God Recordings once again of what the Holy Spirit is doing here in Pakistan by the end time Message. The Urdu-speaking Bride is receiving a lot of blessings through the tireless efforts... and are very grateful, especially for the audio messages of Brother Branham. The audio messages of our prophet are working miraculously here in Pakistan because most of the people can’t read the books. They are unschooled but when they receive the audio messages of our prophet, they are so glad and blessed. 

Brother George Masih

Pastor Basharat Masih and Elder George Masih visited our office from Jhelum city in Punjab province. They fellowshipped with us most of the time. Elder George said, "I came to Karachi city just to visit VGR office, and see the work of the Message over here." He said, "I am so happy about the work of God, which Voice of God Recordings is doing for the Urdu speaking bride in Pakistan."

Brother Basharat Masih

Pastor Basharat and Elder George were exceedingly appreciative of Voice of God Recordings team here in Karachi. They received the Message material gladly, then they visited our church for Sunday service. We are privileged people that we have the VGR office here in Pakistan, and the believers are visiting this storehouse for their Spiritual Food from all over the country. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!


Last weekend I visited (Hur camp) Hyderabad city, where Brother Faras Yaqoob arranged service at his own home. We travelled 170 km by car and reached there at 6:00 pm. Brother Faras and his family welcomed us, and we started service at 7:00 pm at a location where they gather together to listen the Word of God. I spoke to them about the “Sacrifice,” and gave them many examples and quotes of our prophet, so they got blessings by the Word of God. After the service, we distributed books and CDs among the new people. We are very grateful to our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ, for opening new doors in new regions.


Shamoon Yaqoob

Voice of God Recordings- Pakistan


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