Come Home

Sinner friend of mine, I love you with undying love. I'm trying my best to get the greatest thing that could be given you tonight: Christ Jesus. Don't turn Him away. He's the only Lamb Who can lead to the valley of the shadow of death. He's the only One Who can go with you when life's brittle threads are breaking, and your soul is walking on them tonight, friend. They may plunge out into an endless eternity before morning. Won't you accept God's guiding Lamb tonight, for your blind eyes, to lead you through this sinful, dark world. Won't you take God's provided way tonight? Someone else will stand right quick, while I'm waiting. Just feel that there ought to be one or two more stand anyhow. Will you accept Christ as personal Saviour?

53-0613 God's Provided Way

Every tactic and every cunning plan of the enemy has one purpose, get the attention of God’s children on anything besides the promises of God. That was his plan in the Garden of Eden and it is his plan today. Anything that takes more time or more of our thoughts than the things of the Lord becomes an idol. This young brother had a funny feeling that the way he was spending his time was not pleasing to the Lord. Like a true son of God, he recognized the trick of the enemy and came back to the foundation that he knew would never fail. Here is his testimony. 

I would like to share a testimony with you. Brother William Branham speaks in the Message to teach your son the way he must walk, because he can even leave the Message, but the Message will never leave him.

I had a serious problem with games. I used to play video games all day on my cell phone or computer. Every Wednesday and Sunday my mother used to invite me to go to church and I answered, “Not today mother.” I always answered this way, until one day a brother of the church came to our house and asked for help to do some renovations in the church. I told him I would help, but in my head, I had already thought that I had no more salvation and that I had already crossed the line.

After arriving in the church, the brother and I talked more than worked. I knew inside me something hurt me every time I played one of those games. On December 29, 2016, on my birthday, as we were working, the pastor came to the church to wish me a happy birthday and he asked me, “Did you see the quote today?” I answered him that I had not seen it.

He picked up his cell phone and played Brother Branham speaking: Let me say this, my sinner friend. You may be here this morning a prostitute, you may be here this morning a woman-chaser, you may be here a drunkard or a gambler, or a murderer. You might be here as an impure husband, an impure wife. You might be the vilest of sinner. You say, “I'm past that stage of redemption.” NO YOU'RE NOT, OR YOU WOULDN'T BE AT THE CHURCH THIS MORNING. 

Oh my, this was all I needed! I did not want to hurt Jesus anymore. I only thought about playing and thinking that I had already crossed the line, but my desire to play games finished.

After that I've never been the same. I've been hearing the Message all the time, every day. My life is now a blessing. It's a little thing, but to me it was a great thing God has done in my life.

God bless.

A brother from Brazil