Indonesia Jesus Jar Project Report

The Indonesia Jesus Jar Project is now complete, but the impact of what was accomplished is still burning fresh for the Indonesian youth who received their special gift from those who sponsored this project.

The Cub Corner magazines that were printed have already made their way throughout many of the island cities and villages, and into the hands of the receiving youth. This missionary journey took the brothers far and wide to Message churches, individuals, and even into denominational churches and schools in the cities. For those who had never heard of God’s prophet before, the children not only received their magazines, but the parents, pastors and teachers received the live-giving Message. Many seeds were planted, and we pray God will bring the water.

Here is their report:

God bless you all and thank you for every prayer and support that the saints of God all over the world has offered unto us, the believers in Indonesia.

By God’s grace, we started our “Jesus Jar Project” with several places to visit for almost two weeks, and mostly concentrated in the Riau (Jawi) Province and North Sumatra Province of Indonesia.

Most of the Provinces we visited have a population of 90% Muslim. Both spiritually and carnally, the road was winding and wavy, making it difficult to witness and to travel.

We understand that the children have been long waiting for their special gift to arrive. The churches and schools were so kind to give us the stage to speak to the children, and to introduce VGR and the Cub Corner magazines. We did our best to display our love and desire that they grow in Christ and build a solid Foundation in the Lord.

When the magazines landed in their hands, they opened and checked it as quick as possible. They wanted to know what was hidden inside the book, and their faces were smiling when they opened page after page. They like the magazine so much, it’s colorful, beautiful, and very attractive, and they almost ignored us after they received the magazine. I wish you can see the same smiles, it’s truly wonderful to see their happy faces.

We told the children that we have some magazines that they can take home with them, and asked them to read them carefully, that they will catch God’s provision in this hour, that God has sent them Elijah the prophet. They responded with joy and happy hearts, and they paid a real attention to everything we were saying. When they received their Cub Corner Magazines, they were very glad and very proud of them.

We got many pictures with the children, and we received such hospitality and fellowship with the parents, teachers and pastors. We explained about the Jesus Jar project and told them that we are able to meet them because young children of God from all over the world were sponsoring this event. It encouraged them to be a blessing for other people. Amen!

There’s a lot of Christian churches here. Almost every denomination has their representation in many of the cities, from Catholic to Charismatic Pentecostal, and it seem that there are a lot of people that are thirsty for the Word of God. We shared about the prophet to some of the pastors, and handed them Deep Calleth to the Deep, Prophet Visit South Africa, and Holy Ghost book. We encouraged them to read it and share it with their congregations. We respect the pastors as the filter of the church, and come just to help. We don’t try to force anything or have argument with them, we just share with love because we care for their souls. Truly we had some wonderful times. They were very excited to meet us and hoping to meet again in the future.

We surely appreciate your prayers and support in supporting this little ministry. We understand that many children has been blessed by what you’re doing. You may not see it directly, but we can give our testimony that they are so blessed. We have seen it with our own eyes in the days of our journey, and through this trip we were able to witness this Message to many denominational churches, and to strengthen our Message brethren in Christ in the other places we visited.

Thank you for all the believers all over the world who has been a part of the works of God through this Jesus Jar Project.

We keep on asking you to pray for the people of Indonesia, that God may touch their hearts and give them the same revelation as He gave us, and recognize “The Mighty God Unveiled Before Us” Amen.

God bless you!

Till we meet again,

Brother Martinus



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