My Testimony

Brother Branham said, "I want you to listen at me, you on the tape. Don't you miss it, but study it. Man now is like he's always been. He's praising God for what He's done; looking forward to what He will do; and ignoring what He has done and is doing. He praises God for what He has done; he looks forward to what He will do; but he ignores what God is doing, and there he misses the whole thing. I hope they get it."

How many times have we neglected to thank our Lord Jesus for His many blessings that we are experiencing this very day? We are the only generation in history that has the honor of hearing the prophet speak with our own ears, any time we wish to. Imagine how much the saints of old would have appreciated this blessing that we enjoy every day!

This young sister from Mexico shares her testimony of how the enemy got her down, but then she realized how blessed she really is to have been given such a precious gift. It's a lesson that we can all appreciate. 

My name is Karla Rubio, a young girl saved by Grace. The Lord has been so good to me! Around the age of 13, I gave my life to Him. It was not an easy life at first. My mother still does not accept the Message and my father only attends church from time to time. If I could add something more concerning this path (now I am 23 years old), it is that listening to His Voice has been my everything.

I have grown up in a home where if you want to cry it must be in silence where nobody listens, where hugs are only given on very special occasions and the words, "I love you” are very scarce. The Lord has given me great parents, only the time has not yet come for them to surrender their lives completely to Him.

I have had very difficult moments, from heart breaks to where I do not know what decision to make. I rarely go to my parents, but I always go to that VOICE; there I find the answer to EVERYTHING. It is something so incredible, thanks to that Voice I have been able to form my character, know what decisions to make, who is my Absolute, and where I am going.

These last few months I had been battling VERY much; the enemy was bringing to mind some of the many faults I have had and had also been telling me that they were NOT under the Blood. Unfortunately, I believed him.

To this, I have to add the pressures of work and family. I got upset more easily and felt very discouraged. I kept praying and listening to the tapes, but I felt it was in vain. I was looking at the past and the future, and ignoring the present.

Some days ago, I tried for the third time to apply for the visa because I want to go to SW camp, but the answer was “no.” I felt very sad; I did not understand why it was denied and then the enemy appeared on the scene.

I felt like Bro. Branham did when he came to his mind (when little Sharon Rose passed away and how he tried to tell Bro. Branham that God didn't care for him or listen to him).

I struggled with it every day. I have been following the Lord's program by joining in prayer times and listening to the Branham Tabernacle services. In spite of feeling so discouraged, I noticed that there was within me a desire to want to hear His Voice all the time. I knew that a change was arising, but the enemy was trying to get me to overlook it.

How blessed I was to hear Brother Joseph telling us about that change that is happening from the inside out! I enjoyed so much listening to that service, that I sincerely believed that the rapture would be at that moment.

I recovered strength and courage, I feel free, happy and anxious for that great day! To hear how our sins no longer exist and how we have been cleansed by That Bleach! I realized that I was ignoring the present and giving much ground to the enemy. I've also realized how important it is to hear that Voice every moment!

Ever since I started my Christian life (about the age of 13), I have remained in a tape church. With all my heart I have believed that this is God's provided way, but now it has become a reality. In the past I listened Brother Branham declare us healthy, free from sin, and I believed it, but now it is something more than that. I don't know how to describe it, but there is certainly a change.

Thank you for the great work you do for us! We love you!

Sister Karla