Indonesia YF Gym Day

Brother Martinus, VGR Indonesia office manager, and the VGR team hosted a Young Foundations Gym Day in the capital city of Jakarta. The day was filled with activities to bring the youth closer together and to encourage them in the Word. An event like this was the first of its kind for the youth, and we received great feedback from the kids. It was a day that many of the young heroes will never forget. Here is some of that feedback. 

Jakarta - February 04, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you very much for this opportunity to host a Young Foundations event in our country. We are happy to tell you that our first Young Foundations Gym Day in Indonesia was a great success. Though we are not big in number (approx. 30 young people), the atmosphere created at the meeting was really wonderful, and four young people gave their hearts to the Lord and were baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ.

We hired a gym at a Christian school and held the YF event from 11:00am to 8:30pm. The young people came from churches around Jakarta.

Many of the young people didn’t have any idea about what would happen at the event. We started with singing and then showed them videos about Brother Branham our Prophet, a special greeting from Brother Joseph Branham, about Voice Of God Recordings outreach activities, and we explained the purpose of Young Foundations.

After lunch we continued the service with some activities to strengthen the fellowship among the young people. We scheduled a Creations activity where the young people were divided into several groups, and each group constructed the Stature of A Perfect Man. It was a wonderful thing to see the young people work together. There was a lot of laughing while they all tried their best to finish the activity.

We listened to Brother Branham telling the story of the “Killer Bull” and held a challenging quiz. The young people were excited to receive prizes as they answered the questions. It was a lot of fun. Later in the afternoon, we started the volleyball competition, we spent two awesome hours playing with the young people.

The last activity was Quiet Time. The young people had spent the whole day in the presence of believers and it created a wonderful atmosphere. There were tears of joy on their faces as they worshipped God. We praise God for what He has done at our first Gym Day, and if the Lord is willing we would love to hold another event in Indonesia soon.

Hallelujah!! God is good. Thank you so much, Lord Jesus. Praise the Lord! We know God is moving in this end time. Thank you very much for all our brothers and sisters around the world and especially our precious Brother Joseph Branham who has given the support to host a Young Foundations event in Indonesia. Please pray for Indonesia.

God bless you all.

Bro. Martinus

Here are some of the wonderful testimonies we received.

It was the first time for me to be a part of a YF meeting, and it truly blessed my heart to see how the young people enjoyed themselves in the Lord, and at the same time they can play and fellowship with their brothers and sisters in Christ, separated from the world. I find peace in my heart when I see somebody walking closer to the Lord, love His Word and His Message, and yield themselves completely to the Lord.

In the meeting, we encouraged them to hear the prophet’s voice for themselves. One of the young brothers by the name of Yeremia said to me that this meeting blessed him so much, and he wanted to attend the next meeting, if possible. He said that he enjoyed the fellowship, enjoyed the games and all the activities in the meeting. And actually, at this event Yeremia gave his heart to the Lord and was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ the next day. Praise the Lord!

God bless you all, thank you Brother Joseph and the VGR staff in Jeffersonville, who make this event possible by the grace of God. And a special thanks also to Brother Andrew (VGR rep for SE Asia), he tried his best to get closer with the young people, play a little bit of sport and even try to speak some Indonesian, and it was a real blessing to me and all the young people, and made us all laugh together, we surely appreciate that. I also want to give my appreciation for VGR Indonesia staff, who worked hard and for their cooperation to make this meeting a success, and want to thank also the believers around the world that supporting this event, through prayer, finance and everything that they have given for God’s Kingdom. God Bless you.

Brother Anto

I feel blessed that I can see how God works in my life. God loves me because He allowed me to know the Prophet in the last days. I believe that God put me in Jakarta to be one of them that know the truth through God's messenger William Marrion Branham. I wish to thank Young Foundations, for their support for our young people. As a daughter of God, I came to know that more about interacting with God in all situations. May God always accompany His Bride all over the world, throughout their life until the Lord comes again for the second time. Amen.

Sister Yesi Ilena Damanik

I feel grateful for the Young Foundations event in Indonesia. I felt so happy to be one of the young people in Jakarta. This is the first time I attended a Young Foundations event. I felt very blessed to participate. I was able to gather together with other young people, praising God, and realize how great God's work is in my life. In the event, I was taught to be more sincere in following Christ, and I am very grateful to know the Message at the end of this age. I say thanks to VGR Indonesia for holding this event in Jakarta. I hope the young people in Jakarta can be a blessing to others by attending this event. Amen. God bless.

Sister Sepri

At the YF event I felt there was something going on inside of me that was very unusual and I prayed. Suddenly my tears became unstoppable until I felt myself going in baptism, and at that moment I felt the Holy Spirit came down on me. I say thanks to VGR Indonesia for holding this event in Jakarta. Lord Jesus bless you all.

Bro Yeremia

When the tape of the story of the Killer Bull was played and as I translated the words, I felt the Power of God coming down to me. I can’t explain what happened but I felt the Holy Spirit leading me. At the end of this story I knew it was the Divine Love Of God. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. I thank the Lord for sending Brother Branham the great prophet as he has inspired me to understand about God’s Love.

Bro Edison

In the Quiet Time, I initially took photos of the young people. Suddenly, I felt the presence of God come to me. I sat near the door, I prayed until my tears were rolling down. During that time, I felt God's presence. It was incredible. When we completed the devotions four young people asked to be baptized. The power of God was unbelievable. This is my testimony; may it be a blessing for us all. I serve not to proclaim myself, but Jesus Christ as Lord and William Marrion Branham as a His prophet who delivered the End-time Message. Amen. God bless you all,

Brother Devlen