God Cares

God cares about us, our families, our livelihood, and even the animals that are part of our lives. The famous story of the Mother Opossum came to mind when these Zimbabwe believers had a crisis. As always, we can apply the stories both in Brother Branham’s Message and the Bible to our own lives.

On 24th April 2020, my wife and I were at our piece of farm land outside Kwekwe City (Zimbabwe). Towards sunset, the herd boy returned with the cattle and goats from grazing. Two calves that had remained at home when their mothers went grazing ran with excitement to meet their mothers at the kraal (an enclosure for cattle and other domestic animals in southern Africa). Each one ran to its mother and started suckling.

Suddenly, my wife and the herd boy, who were at the cattle kraal, called me to see what was happening to one of the calves, which was about one month old. I went to the kraal, and I could not believe what the devil was trying to do to the calf. Each time it tried to suckle from its mother, milk would come out from the mouth and nose as if it had a blockage on its throat. It tried several times to suckle but failed; it stood helpless.

It was in such a sorry state that it touched my heart. My wife was more hurt than I was, for she loves the little animal. As usual, she said, “The devil is a liar.” The herd boy said he was going to get some salt and water solution to give to the calf to drink (maybe some traditional cure). As he went, I remembered how our Prophet Brother Branham had prayed for a mother opossum that was almost dying and God healed it.

I made a short prayer for the calf whilst inside the kraal. Somehow, I suddenly felt an urge that I should go into our bedroom and pray for the calf. I called my wife, and we went to the bedroom and prayed together. After the prayer, we returned to the kraal. We had all joy and gratitude to the Lord Jesus as we found the calf suckling heavily without any problem. The herd boy returned with the salt and water solution to give to the calf. I stopped him from giving the solution to the calf since the Lord Jesus had healed the calf.

From that day, the calf is feeding normally without any problem. The Lord Jesus who healed the opossum, He is the same who healed my calf, He is the same yesterday, and today and forever. Glory be to God! God bless you Saints.

Richman Madiro - Zimbabwe

And then in the wilderness with the children of Israel on their march, coming from the Egypt to the promised land, and they had… God promising to supply all their needs, what they had need of… And then when the time come that they were sick and dying, and all the remedies of Egypt, all the medicine, the wisdom of the Egyptians, none of their roots, and herbs, couldn’t heal this sickness, then the way… When Moses cried to God in a crisis, then the action that God taken to Moses, He’s got to take the same action every time that same crisis arrives. Why, if He didn’t, He done wrong when He did it back there. Then God’s guilty (See?), so He has to act the same way when the same crisis… ’Cause if He acted that way, it was perfect, and He cannot act any other way but perfect each time. It has to be perfect. Amen. You see?

56-0404 - "The Infallibility Of God's Spoken Word"