Prayer Changes Things

God greatly bless each of you. I will tell you a story. My wife, Berenice, and I were married on July 23, 2017. Soon we realized that we were expecting a baby. It was a great joy, a baby! A great blessing from God, but for some reason the body expelled the baby, the doctor called it a miscarriage. Sometime after recovery, we found out that we were expecting a baby again, and it was again a great joy. When we went to get the ultrasound, the doctor informed us of very bad news. The baby was not alive, and we lost that child also. Our joy had turned to terror.

The doctors told my wife that they would have to make it so that my wife could not have babies. My wife chose not go through with this procedure, trusting God. Months went by, my wife not being able to get pregnant again.

We decided to go and visit her parents in March, 2019. Many brothers knew what had happened, and when we were about to return, Brother Francisco Viramontes (VGR Distributor Monterrey) told us, “I feel in my heart to pray for you.” I told my wife, "Come, the brother wants to pray for us.” Suddenly in prayer, our tears rolled. Remembering those past moments is still painful, but at the same time prayer gave us strength and took away our fears by injecting us with a little more faith. The brother prayed that God would give us our healthy baby and help us in all things. We quickly said goodbye to each brother and sister in the area and returned home on March 18, 2019.

By the month of April, something was going on with my wife. She felt different and in our minds we thought,

"We are expecting a baby."

We went to get a pregnancy test, and when we saw the test our surprise was that we were really expecting a baby! We asked the brothers for prayers and told them that we were very happy.

The whole pregnancy was something surprising, our baby was struggling to stay inside and fighting for his little heart to keep beating. It was a very risky pregnancy. At times it seemed that we were not going to make it, there was bleeding, pain, and that made us very nervous. We cried, but at the same time I remembered that God had already given us the answer. We began to pray in those difficult moments.

God is so good that at no time was He separated from my wife or my baby. When the pregnancy got more risky, we had to buy some quite expensive medicine. It was unexpected, so we did not have the money to get so much medicine. Then suddenly, we had the money in our hands and we thanked God for that.

The months passed until the seventh month of the pregnancy. We went to the doctor, and he said that everything was perfect and that we should wait until the next month to deliver the baby naturally. We were very happy! The doctor asked us to return two weeks after the last appointment to give us the documents of the follow-up of the pregnancy, and to give a last check-up.

We saw the baby was well, but the doctor told us that the placenta had stopped giving food and oxygen, and that it should be born that same day by caesarean section. Apart from that, it had the umbilical cord tied around the neck and a natural birth would complicate things. We left the hospital and sat on a bench outside the hospital. We looked at each other and said, "Today Elijah Isaac Ramos Adame will be born.”

On December 2, 2019, the group of doctors and nurses who were there were very attentive and worried, knowing that my wife had complications. They performed the surgery and suddenly a cry broke the silence. Thank God our baby was born and everything was fine. We were three days in the hospital in recovery, and I was taking care of them. The baby had to spend one more day in the incubator, but in the end, everything went perfect. The pediatrician told us that for being born a month premature, sometimes they had complications. But he told us that this baby looked very healthy, and we thanked God for that.

In the following weeks, the baby got stronger and to this day, the doctor is surprised of how healthy he is. The baby did not seem premature, he reached his normal weight quickly and he has not become sick at all, thanks to God for all his blessings. All that remains is to thank God for so much blessing and so much love that He gives us. Our God never tires of giving us so many things, and we are more than grateful to Him for our baby and for the great Message that He has permitted us to have.

God bless you.

Brother Víctor Ramos

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