Pakistan #1

"We have never seen such a revival in Pakistan like a revival nowadays around the country." 

What a statement from a country such as Pakistan! This is the feedback from Brother Shamoon Yaqoob, VGR office manager in Pakistan, from his latest missionary trip. The team is spreading the Gospel Light in a country of 200 million people, where 9 out of 10 are of Muslim faith. 

Below is the first of a two-part report, telling of what the Lord is doing in his country. 

Thank God for the Message of hour is reaching to unreached souls, and by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the lost souls are coming back to the original Spoken Word. We never had seen such revival in Pakistan like a revival nowadays around the country, how the Message of hour is transforming the lives. Amen! The Urdu speaking Bride is highly appreciative to the divine love and hard work of Voice of God recordings around the world, and especially in Pakistan.

We have arrived back Karachi after 10 days of missionary trip in the province of “Punjab.” The team of Voice of God recordings left Karachi and traveled to Punjab by car. We started our trip from Rawalpindi, and then traveled to Lahore City, the capital of Punjab Province.


The pastor arranged a one-day convention in Rawalpindi, where 400 people get together to listen the Word of God, and more than 20 ministers were also present in the meeting. After the worship they gave me time to preach the Word of God.

I shared about “Father’s business” from Luke 2:49 and shared many quotes of Brother Branham among them, so the congregation got many blessings by the ministry of the Word of God. After the meeting we had fellowship with Message ministers, so I gave them greetings from the Voice of God Recordings, and then I gave them microSD cards and prayer cloths. They were so happy and greatly appreciated all the efforts of Voice of God Recordings.

We had a wonderful meeting in Lahore city on the 18th of April. A Message believing pastor warmly welcomed us, and in the evening we had our first meeting in the area called “Asif Town.” There were around 150 people gathered up there to hear the Message of the hour, and some were from denominations.

After beautiful worship, I told the congregation about the story of “Daniel Curry” and I also played “The Chicago Campaign.” They all were really inspired and got many blessings, so at the end of meeting many brethren told me that they heard this kind of message for the first time in their lives, and they received tons of blessings and were interested to know more about the supernatural ministry of Brother Branham. Glory to God!

The next day, a brother arranged one more meeting in a Christian area, where there are almost 100,000 Christian houses. In the evening my team and I went to the place where meeting was to be held. There were more than 300 people gathered together to hear the Message.

We all had a wonderful and blessed time in the Lord. There were some Message pastors also present. I witnessed for and played the quote of Brother Branham about the chicken and eagle story. After the service many people came to me, and they said that they were mightily blessed by the ministry of the Word of God. We also distributed the books of our prophet Brother Branham among those people. Praise and glory to His blessed Name. Amen!


A Message believing brother then arranged a meeting in the village among the Catholic people. We traveled almost an hour from the city. People warmly welcomed us, and after the service we distributed our prophet's books. All the people there were mightily blessed and amazed by the Message of the hour.



We will post part 2 of Brother Shamoon's report in the days to come.

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