Pakistan #2

The following is part 2 of Brother Shamoon Yaqoob's recent missionary trip in Pakistan.

On Sunday morning, one Message pastor, “Brother Ashar Sadiq” from another area, invited us to preach the word of God. We had a great time of fellowship with the believers and we all got lot of blessings. The same day in the afternoon, we left for another city called “Gujranwala” as we had to take a meeting over there.

We travelled almost two and a half hours. We arrived in the evening, and then again we travelled to another village. It was a denominational church, but still the Lord God used us there in that area for the hungry and thirsty souls. People were greatly blessed by the ministry of the Word of God. After service we gave them books of the prophet, and then the pastor of that church came to me and gave me his home address, and said, "Whenever you have new messages please send it to me first of all. I love to read these messages." Glory to God!

The next evening, we had meeting in a United Pentecostal church. There were more than 100 people gathered after worship. I spoke to them for a while and we also played “The Chicago Campaign” video. People were deeply touched by Spirit of God, and everyone confessed that this is the truth that we have heard for the first time in our lives. Amen, and praise the Lord our God!


The next day, we had the meeting at the same church, where more than 200 people gathered. After the service many people came to me and said, "We never heard this kind of preaching in our lives." They said we are really blessed.


We had last the next day in another city. We greatly appreciated and encouraged them for their stand of faith, because the pastor is working in a Hindu community in a rural area. I witnessed there about the faith and gave them example of our prophet Brother William Branham.

We travelled almost 3,000km by car in this missionary trip, and spoke to more than 3,000 people around the country, while distributing the Message of Eternal Life. We are greatly grateful to you for your precious prayers and generous support.




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