Our Stand

 If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king. But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.

Daniel 3:17-18

The Hebrew children went into the fire because they refused to conform to the world's ways. The consequences were great, but those gallant young men would never bow to the idol set before them. The miracle of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is something that happens every day among the Bride. We must be fully persuaded on whom we have believed, and then we can rest assured that the fires of the world will never touch us. At the end of the day we should ask ourselves, was I a Shadrach today? Did I stand for the Truth?

This sister had a decision to make. Would she encourage her six-year-old her daughter to conform, or would she help her stand against the fire? 

I have two children, Rebecca is six years old and Esteban is ten. The children use uniforms to go to school, and they are required to use sports uniforms once a week, which consists of pants.

I didn’t want my daughter to wear pants for physical education because I felt it was not right, but I wanted this to be a revelation to her. I asked her if she wanted to use the uniform for physical education, and she said that she didn’t because it didn’t feel good to do that.

I prayed to the Lord for months, asking the Lord to soften up the hearts of her teachers because the rules are so strict. My husband is pastor of a church in Quindío (eastern Colombia). I asked him to pray and to ask the Lord to tell him what to do. A couple of days after, he asked me to dress her in a skirt.

I made a skirt for her, and it was designed just like the uniform for physical education. I was so compelled when I thought what would happen with her because all girls wear pants and she would wear a skirt. I thought about the Hebrew youth in the fiery furnace.

When I picked Rebecca up at school, she told me that her teacher congratulated her for the uniform.

I understood then, regardless of how hot the furnace is, the Lord won’t let fire to burn us when we cast our burdens in Him, regardless how simple they are.

Hallelujah to the Lord!

Sister Catalina Muriel