Victory Is Ours

The doctor may say every hope is gone. But standing right by your side tonight, ready to take you in possession, stands the eyes of faith who sees the victory yonder through the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. Away with Satan and his gloom, and up with faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the faith of Almighty God. Faith can take its holy stand on the Rock of Ages, and pierce a eagle eye through every stormy cloud when the very waves of death and disappointment's trying to wash its foundation out from under it. It can stand there and look beyond the skies and say, “God is right,” and believe the counsel of the wise and living God. Amen.

55-1005 The Power Of The Devil

Does the enemy hate it when you go to church? Will he do anything within his power to stop you? We all know the answer to those questions. This sister would like to give her testimony of how the devil tried to prevent her from making the drive from Georgia to Jeffersonville to worship with the brothers and sisters at the Branham Tabernacle. 

Here is her testimony to share with the world of how our Lord brought her victory upon victory.

What happens when you start hearing the timely Message of the hour, and find joy in driving eight hours to fellowship with the Bride?

Storms predicted all the way home, but you have four rain drops and the lightest Atlanta traffic you have ever seen!

On your way home, you find the roaring noise is the wheel bearings need replacing: $500, but your rent check from your renter comes in that day!

Storms and tornadoes come in to your state, the worst weather mass in years, and you need to get to your job to clean a house. You pray for the weather to let up and from the time you leave your home until you get in the door, no rain.

You pray for God to protect your home and family, and the tornado that touched down one exit from your son's office, lifts up and goes around it.

Your back and knee go out after all that, but Power of the Word is there and all is well.

Your husband gets painful gout in his toe and is doubtful he will sleep. Wait, I have a hanky (prayer cloth) in my purse. Apply the hanky, apply the promise, apply (turn on) the Word! He slept all night long!

Victory is ours! 

Sister Theresa

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