Marriage is one of the greatest blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon us, but it is not without its difficulties. Yes, couples argue. Yes, each one gets his/her feelings hurt at times. Yes, everyone says things they shouldn’t. Those things are part of being married, but when your foundation is built upon the Word, all the small trials fade away and the little disagreements just make a relationship stronger.

This young couple has their priorities right. Even though the husband may have been heading towards a mistake, the Lord honored his commitment and kept him from it.

On Tuesday, I had been fasting all day, praying and listening to the tapes. We had a prayer meeting that same evening, listening to the tape. My wife and I just recently got married so young, she's 21 and I'm 20. After the prayer meeting, my wife was in a rush to get home, and I really wasn't because I was trying to fellowship with everyone. So, my wife rushed me out and I wasn't really happy about this.

When we got in the car, I was just frustrated and I didn't say a word to her. When we got home, I decided to go and pray somewhere. I grabbed my car keys and my wife asked me where I was going, and I just ignored her. Then as I was leaving my house something reminded me of what Paul says about treating your wives as weaker vessels so that your prayers to God aren't hindered. I just ignored this and continued on to my car.

I got into my car and it wouldn’t even start, no crank no nothing. I'm thinking, “What's going on now, my car is a fairly new model?” So, I open my bonnet (car hood) and everything was just in place and the battery was fine. Something said to me, “Go and tell your wife where you are going.”

I went up to our room and I said, "Babe I'm just going to go and pray." I went back to my car and as soon as I turned those keys, the car started again. I saw God in this, I was just overjoyed to how much He's looking out for us. Praise His Name.

Brother Christian