Hear Ye Him

It does not matter that the prophet spoke it 60 years ago or 6,000 years ago, or if it was in Israel or the United States; God's Word is eternally true and it affects us today. As you will soon read, the Lord spoke to this young brother like He has to so many throughout history. This is one of those testimonies that could make you sit back in your chair and say, "Lord, do you have something to say to me like you did for this brother?" He might, if you give Him the same opportunity.

Shalom to the Bride of Christ around the globe.

It’s been always so wonderful spending time under Lord’s Presence. I just want to share my testimony about how the Lord proved once again in my life that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Only believe, all things are possible. 

Due to some work this Sunday I was unable to attend the streaming at the Branham Tabernacle. So the very next day I downloaded the service, but I still couldn’t find time during the day to hear the sermon. It was yesterday, Wednesday, around 11:00pm in the night that I got my work completed, and I decided to hear the streaming along with tape “Hear Ye Him” that night.

After the last song "Only Believe", when the tape started, Brother Branham took the Bible reading from Matthew 17. After reading the text, Brother Branham said:

"I want to take those last three words for a text: “Hear Ye Him.” I go back again tonight with a very small text for such an audience, three words. But they’re… If we can have obedience to those three words tonight, you’ll see a repeat of Pentecost in this building. It’s just small, but oh, there’s enough power in there, that the rest of the Bible will connect to it. “Hear Ye Him.” It isn’t too many words."

And as the tape continued toward the end, Brother Branham said:

"The balconies in front of me, would you raise your hand there and say, “Pray for me, Brother Branham. I want to be a Christian, just as much Christian as that deer was a mother.""

And I said, Lord may Brother Branham speak out my name and pray for me that whatever my heart desire, it may be fulfilled this night. And as Brother Branham was praying for the sick people, he said:

"What about somebody in through here, some of you people, so you… There’s a man setting right here praying. I don’t know him, never seen him. Believe you’re missing it. Mr. Rinehart, believe with all your heart."

And as soon I heard this, I started screaming and praying loudly, and said, "Lord what Brother Branham said: IT WAS THUS SAITH THE LORD!" It was the most beautiful moment in my entire life, and I am so happy that our God almighty proved me once again that "Only Believe, All Things Are Possible."

I am just so happy and thankful to Lord that He chose me before the foundation of the World. The things of the world mean nothing to me, but the only thing that matters in my life in this world today is Lord Jesus Christ Himself dwelling in me.

May this testimony of mine be a blessing to the Bride of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Till we meet again.


Brother Reinhard,


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