A Helping Hand

Sometimes, all it takes is just remembering that the Lord Jesus wants us to bring our problems to Him. We hope you enjoy this brother's light-hearted testimony of how the Lord restored a very important part of their household. 

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We would like to share our testimony for the honor and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. It seems like a small thing, but God works in every little instance that we may not consider. He is God of all creation. In January 2016, our faithful servant named "Mr. Fridge," who serves us in cooling our things, got sick. At first, we thought the gas had run out of it. When my wife told me about it, I was a little bit disappointed to hear the news because we did not have money to pay the doctor. We didn't have any place to keep our drinks and food, especially meats and fruits.

After two months it became very difficult for our family because every time went to the market, we could only buy small meats to cook for that day only. We have been wasting money in that specific situation. There was nothing else for us to do than offer a prayer for him, as we believe in the statement said by our beloved prophet that, "Prayer changes things." We left it in the hands of the Lord and believed that one day he (fridge) would work again.

One day, after our evening home tape services, 61-0112 Questions & Answers, we kneeled down with our little ones to pray for our needs. We also prayed for our friends, family, neighbors, as well as our brothers and sisters around the world. I tell you, just at that moment when we rose to our feet to God bless each other, my wife went to the kitchen to start cooking. She opened the fridge and out of her surprise, she heard a sound and looked inside there she saw the ice frozen inside. We began to shout and give praises to God for healing our beloved servant, “Mr. Fridge.”

Friends, you might think that Jesus doesn't visit your house, you might never see Him with your eyes, but He is always present.  We hope this testimony will boost up your faith. And I say, stay always in the line and keep fighting, we are in the battlefield.

God bless you all.

David Family

Windoek, Namibia