Odisha Distribution

Odisha is a rich mineral state of India and lies in the eastern part of the country against the Bay of Bengal. Due to different hardships and lack of Government commitment, the people’s literacy rate is below national level, but they are thirsty in their hearts to receive the Word.

Brother John, VGR Malayalam translator, and the distribution team have been traveling to the Odisha region at least twice a year for the past four years, trying their best to get the Message into this Hindu-dominated area. The team had one purpose in mind for their trip: to bring the Voice of God directly to the people of Odisha so they can hear God's prophet for themselves. The team traveled to three remote villages in their latest trip.

Here is Brother John's report.

I started my journey on the 25th of April at 5AM from my home town Trivandrum (Kerala state) to Bhubaneswar (capital of Odisha state) and reached there at 1:30PM. My co-workers started their journey from another district of Odisha by bus on 24th at 9PM, and arrived at Bhubaneswar on 25th morning to receive me at the airport.

From Bhubaneswar, we caught a train to a small town called Betnoti which is 140 miles from Bhubaneswar. We arrived at Betnoti evening of 25th and spent the night there.

Early in the morning of 26th we left for our first village, Behripada. This village is about eight miles from Betnoti railway station. About 20 people gathered for the meeting. The meeting started at about 9AM. After songs and introduction of Malachi 4, an Oriya CD message was played. One sister received Christ as her personal Saviour. We also distributed Oriya CDs to the believers.

In the evening of the same day the video, “Deep Calleth To The Deep” was played on a small laptop computer and the meeting ended with songs and prayer. We returned to the Betnoti town to spend the night there.

On the afternoon of the 27th we arrived at our next village named Dhansol. This village is located 23 KMs away from Betnoti Railway station. Around 18 people gathered for the meeting.

On evening of 27th “20th Century Prophet” and “Chicago Campaigns” videos were played. Oriya message CDs were distributed to the believers. Two sisters received Christ as their personal Saviour.

We continued the meeting on 28th morning in the same village. After believers shared their testimonies, Oriya message 62-1230 "Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir?" was played. On the evening, the video “20th Century Prophet” was played again.

On 29th we visited another village named Chechhinapada. This village is located 3 miles from Betnoti, around 30 people gathered for the meeting. The meeting started at 10AM with an introduction of Malachi 4. Seven believers took baptism in the Name of the Lord. Oriya CDs were distributed to the believers and the meeting concluded with prayer.

We have provided three CD players, one each, for all these three villages from VGR Madras office and put tape boys to run the CDs on each Sunday regularly.

The total number of believers in all 3 villages is now about 40. The minister who is visiting this village is traveling 16 hours by bus once in a while from another district of Odisha. His name is Bro. Peter, please remember him in your prayers.

All praise, honor and glory belongs to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

May God richly bless you.

Bro. Brother John

India Distribution