Prayer Changes Things

Then he arose, and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water: and they ceased, and there was a calm.

Luke 8:24

No one is exempt from the storms of life, but just as the disciples who initially feared the storm later came to trust the Lord Jesus more, so do the storms we face can bring us to a deeper anchor in Christ. This young believer is now 11 years old and would like to testify about how the Lord will always bring us through. 

I was born on September 30, 2006 at the Paraguana Clinic of Punto Fijo, Estado Falcon in Venezuela at 1:50 p.m. I weighed 7 pounds and was 20 inches long. I was a healthy baby.

The next day, I was released from the hospital and everything seemed to be fine at home. Four days after I was born, I started crying in pain and my mom did not know what to do. She took the Bible and looked for the prayer cloth in it, and put it on my stomach. In that moment, my belly turned blue. She desperately ran outside the house to look for my dad.

My parents took me to the Paraguana Clinic, where I had convulsions on three occasions. I was put under intensive care, and tubes were connected to me so I could breathe.

Being in such a serious condition, they looked for a place for me in another hospital, because this clinic was too expensive for my dad, even though he did not care about the cost.

The next day, a boy died in the hospital and this gave me a place to enter the hospital. They took me to the Child Intensive Care Unit in Judibana, in a very serious condition.

For eight days, I was there with tubes connected to me and many children died during that time. I was the only one that survived in that group of children. This was very painful for my mom and dad.

Later, they said that when I was in the Intensive Care Unit, they surrendered to the Lord just waiting for His sovereign will to be done. My mom said that she did not want to see me suffering, and in one occasion she knelt in the house and prayed, saying that she was ready to accept my passing away since I was suffering too much. From that moment on, I started getting better.

The doctors diagnosed the following cases in me:

  • Breathing difficulty syndrome
  • Pneumonia
  • Breathing insufficiency
  • Central nerve system infection
  • Serious bacterial meningitis
  • Lung hypertension
  • Convulsions syndrome
  • Problems in the blood

After they told this diagnose to my parents, they started praying in despair, crying and believing that everything would be fine. My Christian relatives and brothers in Christ were praying all around Venezuela.

After eight days in the Intensive Care Unit, they took me to an isolation room and I was so thin and weak that when my aunt saw me, she almost cried aloud, but she was brave and took me in her arms and thanked God that I was already without the intensive care and they could enter the hospital to see me now.

My bed was number 7 and my family saw a sign in the simplicity of that number. I was connected to tubes for 32 days. Many things happened during these days. The enemy fired all his guns against us. We never thought that something like this would ever happen to us.

On October 23, there was a young people’s meeting at my house. This had been coordinated many months in advance and my family was in charge of the meeting. Before starting this reunion, our pastor asked the brothers to join hands and pray putting themselves in our position. Even the children present there did it. This prayer was so powerful that even the floor seemed to tremble. From that moment, I started to improve and gain weight.

On November 13, 2006, I was released from the hospital and what a joyful day that was! Only eight days after coming home, I gained perfect weight and my family was so happy for it.

On December 17, I was presented to the Lord in the church and it was a very special occasion as everybody was waiting for this moment.

From this great test, my family could experience that God is always present and He is a real friend in time of trouble. Sometimes, He makes us pass through difficult times but everything has a purpose and this is a great blessing as we are serving a living God. When the doctor says it is impossible, that is when He starts doing things.

I hope this testimony can be a blessing to all those that read it, so they can trust in the Lord and surrender to Him as he can do impossible things.

I am a miracle for the glory of God!

Nailyn Fuguet