Pulling The Net

Today, the VGR office in Chennai, India (located in the east, on the coast of the Bay of Bengal) is translating eight Indian languages and two languages from the neighboring countries of Nepal and Myanmar (Burma).

The work is extremely hard in this second-most populated country in the world (1.3 billion). Eighty-percent of the global population of Hindus reside India, and millions more are practicing Muslims of some sort. Yet against the obstacles, the work goes on and the Gospel net is still being pulled to catch that last one.

Here is a recent report of the efforts taking place in rural India.

The brothers at VGR India office had a wonderful village missionary trip introducing the Message of the hour to remote villages in the surrounding Chengalpattu district, about 40 miles from Chennai city.

We didn’t plan on visiting any village in particular, fully believing that the Lord would guide as we went along. We loaded our new VGR van with Tamil CDs, books, and tracts.

We left office early in the morning to beat traffic and took bi-lane which connects to the villages. The villages we visited were Kaavanur, Padapai, Aathur, and Yerachi. These villages are very small, consisting of only few hundred families living in abject poverty.

The village roads alternated between bad roads to no roads and our VGR van took quite a beating. In some really bad stretches we had to retreat as our van simply couldn’t make it.

People in general, especially women, hate being photographed and we could take photos only as circumstances permitted.

We heard numerous reports about how the Hindu central government is scrutinizing all evangelical ministries and fabricating false cases. We knew there was real danger of being arrested and the VGR van impounded for "forced religious conversions." But the Lord protected us all along.

We distributed end time tracts, CDs, and books to hundreds of denominational Christians and also explained and introduced our end time prophet. Most people were curious and interested and had time to hear what we had to say. If there is a predestinated seed in those villages, the Malachi 4 Message will surely quicken it.

We greatly appreciate Brother Joseph Branham and all the saints around the world for supporting this ministry, all your hard work and burden for His Kingdom. May Lord Jesus Christ richly bless and reward you is our prayer.

All praise, glory, and honor belongs to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

VGR India