If God ever acts one way for one person, He will act the same for you. Trust Him and believe for that request you are wanting from Him today. The Word came to the rememberance of this family when a very valuable tractor was stolen. They placed the situation into the hands of the Lord, and He showed that He is the same today as He was 50 years ago. 

I would like to share my testimony with you for the Glory of God.

We have a small construction business and own a Bobcat (large construction machine) with which we do snow removal in winter. One day, after our son worked all day doing snow removal, he left it parked overnight on the trailer and chained up with the trailer still hooked up to his truck.

The next morning he went to pick it up to resume working, and found both the trailer and Bobcat gone. Somehow it was stolen right from the parking lot where he had left it. However, the truck it was hitched to, was still there.

When he came and told us, we were just sick about it. The Bobcat was not even two years old, and we were still making payments on it. It was reported stolen to the police, and they said that it was probably long gone to somewhere up north or out of the Province where they will sell it. My husband and I started praying about it, and he told me that it reminded him of Brother Branham's story how he prayed for Brother Evans' vehicle that was stolen, and the Lord returned it to him. So we prayed for the Lord to convict the thieves to return it somehow. Many brothers and sisters from our local congregation prayed for us as well.

We did not hear anything for more than a week, and had already spoken to the Insurance Company about filing a claim.

We then found out that to buy a new Bobcat was going to cost approximately 25% more than what we paid for the same, just 1 ½ years ago. This was due to the Canadian dollar being so much lower now than the US dollar. The Insurance Co. could only give us the lower amount, and we would have to come up with the rest.

Needless to say, this was going to be a hardship on us. But praise the Lord, the very day that we were going to sign the papers with the Insurance Co. for the settlement, the phone rang and the police found our trailer with Bobcat.

It had been hidden behind a building by the airport, not far from where they stole it from. The Bobcat was still on the trailer, with the chains attached, so never been taken off, because they had not been able to find a way to start it. God was protecting it for us. I just started crying and praising the Lord for His grace and mercy to us, to hear and answer our prayer!

A sister in Christ