To His Reward

An estimated 140 million people throughout Central and Southeast Africa speak the Swahili language. It serves as the official language of three Nations: Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda; along with being the national language of DR Congo. The Swahili dialect can be found in many different parts of Africa, ranging from southern Sudan, the Comoro Islands, the northern part of Malagasy Republic, and is used as far north as the Persian Gulf states. After Arabic, Kiswahili is the most widely understood language in Africa.

The Work in Southeast Africa took shape in the mid 80’s when Brother Joseph established the first lending library in Nairobi. The Swahili translation of the Message was one of the very first to take place almost 30 years ago when in April of 1987, the first Swahili books were printed. Today there are over 130,000 Swahili believers and more than 1,900 churches in Eastern Africa, with over 150 lending libraries that provide Message material to them:

Swahili believers worldwide – 131,035

There are currently 222 Messages translated into Swahili. Around 60,000 copies are printed each time we print a new translation.

Countries that receive Swahili material – 17

East Africa Churches

Kenya – 848

Tanzania – 507

Uganda – 597

East Africa Lending Libraries

Kenya – 26

Tanzania – 85

Uganda – 43

A large part of the success there is due to the efforts of a brother by the name of George Mbwana. A humble and quiet figure, Brother Mbwana joined the Swahili translation team in 1986, and remained unmovable regarding his love for our Lord Jesus Christ and this Message that he believed and lived until he was called Home on April 6, 2015. There are currently 222 messages printed in the Swahili language, of which our brother had a hand in every one. Brother Mbwana is the one that added a Tanzanian flavor to the Swahili translations so as to be easily read and understood by our brothers and sisters in Tanzania.

Although much of his work was behind the scenes, it has been a most important task with the Swahili translations over the years. He will be deeply missed by many, and his sacrifice, focus, and dedication toward his work will not be forgotten. A humble servant of the Lord, his dedication to this end-time message was unwavering and his one goal was to always put the Lord Jesus first in everything he did. He will be greatly missed. 

Brother George Mbwana and a portion of his family

As we continue to pray for the Mbwana family, we humbly ask that you please remember them as well. 

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