Simple Faith

Now, we know that we're not Saint Paul, but You're still Jesus. It wasn't him in the beginning; it was Christ. And You're the same God working through same instrumentality of man as You were then.

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It is just simple faith, like faith from a believing mother that can bring God on the scene. He will always honor His Word, and all we have to do is Only Believe.

We received this testimony from a sister who knew where to take her burden, The Great Physician.

This past winter, I came back from work and found our little son, Marion who is two years, very sick, with very high temperature. My husband advised me to take him to the hospital, but I first took him to the bedroom for prayer.

Before we started praying, I remembered that I have that piece of prayer cloth, so I read the letter again in order to observe the instruction given by Brother Branham. I applied it and when we finished I took him to his bed. We did not go to the hospital though my husband insisted.

The next day my husband continued to insist on going to the hospital, and so he took the boy to the hospital to check the blood and urine. When he left for the hospital, I said, “God, let him know that you can heal.” There he found out that everything was okay. The boy had neither Malaria parasites nor fever, or any other problem. He was healed! Simply like that, God did the work.

I thank God for His Grace on us. As the letter said, "Be simple. Be natural. Be open-hearted before God." That‘s exactly what happened.

Sis. Upendo Amani

Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA

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