Casting The Net

A team of Tape Boys spent 14 days casting the Gospel throughout central India. The brothers focused their efforts into the villages, schools, towns, and wherever the Holy Spirit led them. 

One of the highlights of their journey took place at a village, where it was their first time introducing the Message. It was there that eight new converts entered into baptism, including one denominational pastor and his son who also is a pastor. Not only that, but they also invited the team to bring the Message to their congregation later this year. 

Here is their report.

We went to a new village called Bhasaka Naka of Sagar District (Madhya Pradesh) by a rented cab. There about 25 people gathered, and almost all of them were of Hindu.

We never change our method of introducing the Message of the hour, and during the altar call, and many souls came forward for water baptism. The baptismal tank was one of the brother's underwater sump. Water was of about 3.5 feet deep, and we baptized 10 people there. 

We then traveled by the same cab to a new village. This place is around 124 miles from Bhasaka Naka, where we baptized 10 people a few weeks back.

We arrived at 12pm, and as soon as we arrived we saw the most glorious thing in our sight: about 15 children had gathered from the village to receive this Christ which we brought to them. These young children are very sincere worshippers of our Lord, and they are being led by one of my converts from the Bible college over a year ago. He has been leading these children for the past six months, and their faith is growing in the Word of God.

Once we introduced the prophet and water baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, all of them came forward and took baptism. We baptized 19 new souls, which included 4 youths.

Apart from this, our Lord had done a lot which I am not mentioning here. He healed the sick, He poured His Spirit mightily upon the true believers, and we broke the bread and did feet washing to all baptised believers in all these places separately at night. We promised them to visit again in September 2018, if our Lord is willing.

May Lord God with you. Please remember me in every day prayers. I am praying for you also. My next trip is to Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh), a new village. We are praying for it. We need your prayer support. Ground work is in progress. Our brothers are in the field, and the climate is turning hot.

May Lord God bless you!