Hero Tablet In Zimbabwe

Since its release in December, 2016, the Hero version of the Agapao Tablet has made its way to all parts of the globe. God’s children now have a device that can visit VGR websites, download sermons, and participate in YF activities, all without the distraction of unwanted internet material. The Tablet includes:

  • The Table mobile software.
  • Access all VGR websites. This includes all articles, photos, and videos.
  • Kids can take YF quizzes from the tablet.
  • Read Cub Corner magazines.
  • Watch VGR/YF/CC videos on the websites.
  • Simple to use, with no 3rd-party applications.
  • No access to app store.
  • Play games through YF apps.
  • Great for young and old alike.

We received the following report from Zimbabwe and some first hand feedback from a few of the brothers and sisters.

The arrival of the Agapao Hero Tablets continues to bring a lot of joy to the local believers in Zimbabwe. God made it His business to provide an unfailing Food source for His sheep in these famished end times.

God's sheep are making it their business to constantly feed from that "Stored Up Food." The increased availability and accessibility of the Spiritual Food does nothing but bring joy to those who have been ordained to feed on Spiritual Food which is in season NOW.

VGR Zimbabwe