Brother Edwin Mugovera

A longtime friend and loyal employee at the Harare, Zimbabwe office has gone to be with the Lord. Brother Edwin Mugovera passed away on Monday from liver cancer, leaving his wife and two young daughters, as well as the VGR staff and many friends who depended so much on our dear brother.

The following was written about Brother Edwin by our Harare office.

Brother Edwin joined the VGR family in 2007, coming on board at the Harare office in Zimbabwe and working in the Lending Library section of the office complex. This was a position of service which he faithfully held until the time of his going to meet the Lord. Before this he had already given his life to serving the Lord and His Bride as a song-leader, church librarian, and later on as an usher, and then a trustee in Brother Joseph Chikosi’s Church.

Brother Edwin was of a quiet demeanor, soft spoken and meek, but beneath that laid a heart steadfast and resolutely rooted in Christ. He believed this Message with all of his heart and dedicated his life to it.

The man meticulously kept track of the flow of all the material in and out of the huge office and its vast supply network and links. Every shipment that came from the Headquarters in Jeffersonville passed through Brother Edwin’s hands as he reconciled massive containers with the invoices, restocked depleted supplies, and kept record of the flow. If any of the Spoken Word books, tapes, CDs, or whatever products were about run out, Brother Edwin was the man to raise reports so the reordering process could be initiated so the local Bride would not starve in this treacherous hour.

A huge ration of material is given out free of charge to missionaries who brave the many dangers associated with their vocation to take this Message out to precious people in remote areas of the country. Nearly every single one of those missionaries who had come requesting for material knew Brother Edwin together with the team he worked with. His hands counted several language books, MP3s, tracts etc., packaged these in boxes, made record of the material, and finally helped the believers pack it into their car, motorcycle, bicycle, or put it on their shoulder before they left the VGR premises for their predestinated place. During conventions, churches normally requested for a VGR stand. He with the rest of the team would faithfully serve believers with the life giving resource (the Message) and answer the different questions they had.

When YF became vibrant in Zimbabwe, Brother Edwin’s dedication and intuition was a strong shoulder to the wheel. He responded to and kept track of queries and confirmations on the very busy YF line, making sure each attendee was informed and accounted for way before a YF event. Although he was much older than the youths, Brother Edwin easily struck a chord with the young people he came in contact with, especially at the 9-high stall or the foosball stand where he was really good and thoroughly enjoyed playing with the young believers during Bistro. He was extremely instrumental during the planning and execution of the recent YF witnessing expedition days where he testified to dozens of people about the Message and handed out books and tracts in downtown Harare from the tent-base we had there for all the hungry and searching souls.

In 2014 the doctors diagnosed a liver complication and they told him he wouldn’t make it into the next week. Prayers were made for him and the Lord miraculously brought back his health. He recovered tremendously and made a strong come back, resuming his duties with renewed vigor. A few weeks ago the condition resurfaced. Prepared and ready, Brother Edwin was called up on high Monday morning.

Just to show the Lord knew this was coming, the VGR HQ insisted we take a week’s break, which the office had not previously taken, and on just the first day of that vacation Brother Edwin was called home. This then enabled the funeral process to go on smoothly and allowed all the VGR employees to be able to attend the funeral and give their colleague a befitting send off without having to double up with work obligations.

Brother Edwin was only 38 years old and is succeeded by his, daughters Talent, who is 10 years old, Grace, who is 7 years old and his wife Sister Maureen (she is expecting a third baby arriving in two months, Lord willing). Please do remember the young family as they grieve; that the Lord would comfort and carry them through this very painful and very difficult time.

Condolences also go to their assembly in Highlands, Harare under Brother Joseph Chikosi where Brother Edwin was serving as a Trustee in the assembly.

The Zimbabwe office will never be the same without Brother Edwin. He was Solid Pillar. As humans we undeniably feel a very deep sense of loss, but as believers of this Message which we know to be the most solid truth. We cherish a hope and hold a promise dear to our hearts, a reality that pulsates within our souls that some glorious day we will meet again in His magnificent Presence, never to part!

Till We Meet…