The Little Things

If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

John 14:14

Whatever the need, no matter how great or how small, we can rest assured that Jesus hears our prayers and He cares. Big or little, nothing can stand when the Name above EVERY name is called on.

I always get blessed with believers’ testimonies from around the world, how that the Lord continues to be a very present help in time of need indeed. The little things! I want to share with you what the Lord did for us over the Easter weekend.

On Saturday morning, after cleaning the dishes in the kitchen, my son brought a few dishes he had used and instead of leaving them in the sink the way they do, he decided to wash them. Then he noticed that the water was not going down; the sink was clogged.

When he told us, I thought it was just a usual clog, so I got a plunger. However, my husband and I tried so hard to unclog it to no avail.

The following day, we bought two bottles of chemicals for unclogging drains, but no results. On the third day my husband opened the elbow joint under the sink, got a plumber's snake in as far as it could reach, but yielded nothing.

Then we became concerned it was a major problem. We called two separate individuals, handymen for help, but they both could not help us and advised we get professional plumbers. We made some calls but the amounts they asked were hefty and being an unexpected expense, it just depressed us. Well, this went on day after day.

On Friday evening, I noticed that the dishwasher had an unpleasant smell and I got desperate. We contacted the plumber again but were told it was off hours, so we had to pay double the amount per hour. Not knowing what the real problem was and how long it would take to solve, we decided to wait until Monday. Meantime we continued trying to unclog each day without success.

On Sunday evening, after a week, the day we listened to the 4th Seal, I had a few dirty dishes so I decided to wash them in the sink. I ran water in the sink, cleaning them until both sides of the sink were full. I intended to use the basin and empty the sink after. So, before I started removing the water, I said I should try the plunger one more time as I did daily. But this time, I said I'll do it in the Name of the Lord, because we're told if we ask anything in Jesus Name, He'll do it. So, I held the plunger in my left hand, with the right hand sealing the other side of the sink, and I started applying pressure. Each thrust I would say, "In Jesus' Name."

I did it four to five times, released the plunger, and water just bubbled as usual. Nothing happened. I got discouraged, and my husband and I both had sore shoulders from applying pressure in the past week. Anyhow, I said I'll do it once more, and I said, "In Jesus' Name," like that, and all of a sudden, I felt like pulling pressure from under the plunger. I stopped a bit without releasing the plunger, then continued like that. When I released the plunger, water made a bubbling noise two to three times, and down the drain it went! Strength left my body, I could not believe what was happening before my eyes. I ran hot water in, and down the drain it went without any problem.

Then I started screaming on top of my lungs, "Thank you Jesus!" My little boy ran from the basement to see what was happening. I had a time of jubilation and could not wait for others to come home and share the news. We said we do not know what was wrong with the drain, will never know and do not even want to know because, like a cancer leaving without even a trace, the Lord unclogged the drain for us.

This, brethren, has changed the way I handle many things.

God bless you all.