Set Free

Nowhere to go, no which way to turn, and yet grace made a way.

Let me say this, my sinner friend. You may be here this morning a prostitute; you may be here this morning a woman-chaser; you may be here a drunkard, or a gambler, or a murderer. You might be here as an impure husband, an impure wife. You might be the vilest of sinner. You say, "I'm a past that stage of redemption." No, you're not, or you wouldn't be at the church this morning. Grace will make a way for you in this dark hour if you'll just accept it. Adam had to be willing to accept it, so do you. Accept it.

61-0827 The Message Of Grace

Though this world may write off someone who is beyond hope in their eyes, there is still grace waiting, if we can just accept it. No matter how far off we get, how dark that place is in life; His grace reaches to that spot, and can pull us back.

This sister held on for her brother by applying the Token for her entire family. After her mom was restored, then the Holy Spirit went to work on the brother, and he was restored back into their family. More importantly, the prodigal son returned to the Lord.

God bless you brethren. I thank God for healing my brother, Steve from drug addiction. We had known Steve to be a quiet boy, an introvert to be precise. We did not know that behind that curtain was a young man going through academic pressure, parent separation pressure, and self-identity pressure.

My mother, who had just rededicated her life back to Christ, had a heaviness to pray for my brother. One night a voice spoke to her in a dream to check a Bible, which was laid under my brother's pillow. Lo and behold, she found sticks of marijuana. My brother admitted to have been using it since primary school (6 years earlier) and he was addicted to it. That is when the real battle began. We tried to get him enrolled in AA and all the other organization for drug-addicted persons, but they WROTE HIM OFF, DAMAGED BEYOND HELP!

Through prayers and fasting, we sought God. I sent a prayer request to VGR a year ago. I now stand with thanksgiving in my heart, for God has healed my brother. He will be graduating this year after seven years in the University instead of five.

He is restored not only physically, but also spiritually. He now yearns for God, and is my strong prayer partner. Time to time when I look at him, I see God's wonder-working power.

I applied the Token to all that I love.

God bless you all.

Sister Sarah

Kenya, Africa