A Different Sound

Goma is a city in the eastern DRC (Dem. Republic of Congo) on the north shore of Lake Kivu, bordering the country of Rwanda. Recent history, in this city of 1.5 million people, has been dominated by genocide and wars. The sounds of exploding bombs and gunfire were the norm in Goma through much of the 1990s.

Today, the city is ringing with a different sound, the sound of the Gospel. Gunfire and cries of terror throughout the streets and alleyways have been replaced with a sound of hope and truth.

The following witnessing report was sent in from the VGR office in Goma.

For dozens of years, we had many different political changes in the D.R.C. The city of Goma has always been the main entry door to several rebellions which created political changes in the country. In spite of the different troubling situations with militaries in the Eastern part of the country, the Voice of God Recordings Goma library has never stopped from fulfilling its mission to distribute the spiritual food to the hungry souls and to several believers in the region as well as to the bordering countries.

There are also pastors and ministers from several denominational churches of the city who come to get the materials. From the day the library became an office in 2013 to this day, the Goma office has been a great attraction for every believer, as we don’t consider the different doctrinal tendencies. They all feel that this library is their oasis where they can be on the same ground.

For years, the city of Goma suffered with awful wars. According to the current statistics, there are 1,500,000 citizens in the city and they all have been traumatized for a long time by hearing sounds of exploding bombs and different lethal weapons. It is to the point that the small children who were born here can recognize the different weapons that are being used just by hearing the detonations.

Goma, DRC

Glory to God, our Savior is never out of witnesses. He sent us a new missionary in the city of Goma. His name is Brother Jacques Kamate Kasongo and he helps us in this great work that was already on going. By being here, he does his best to play the voice of God’s prophet, William Marrion Branham, to the population. In the past, the population was used to hearing the voices of the bombs and different lethal weapons, but now these lethal voices are being challenged by the sound of the voice of the seventh angel in the city, and this voice can give Eternal Life to the predestinated souls.


In order to help as much as possible with this evangelization program, the Goma office manager, Brother Kubuya went to meet with the mayor of the city and quickly acquired an official document that authorizes us to have evangelization programs in the city and surroundings and play the voice of Brother Branham, and there is no expiration date to this official document! Today, the fire of the seventh angel’s revival is consuming the entire city and it is silencing the noises of the bullets.

We started our evangelization programs in downtown Goma, and we are going down every main road, to the great markets, and neighborhoods. There are already results on the ground just by listening to the voice of the prophet of the age. Predestinated seeds are being attracted and they are giving their lives to the Lord and being baptized.

Yes, these tapes are still alive and they continue to produce the same results as when God’s prophet was standing on the earth.

May the Lord richly bless you,

Voice of God Recordings, Goma office