This Is That

There is a time in each of our lives when the Lord gives us a choice. We can choose to serve Him, or we can choose not to. Sometimes it may seem that we have already made the wrong choice, but if there is a desire in our hearts for the Holy Ghost, then there is a Holy Ghost waiting for us.

This young brother from Australia gives us his testimony about how the Lord spoke to him and gave him the desire of his heart.

I am a young man, 20 years of age, who's gone through all world's troubles, but the mighty King Jehovah came to my rescue, and I just can't hold the joy but to share my testimony.

I know this testimony will bless other young people as well. I was born in the Message of the hour, my parents both believers, but I had never really taken a stand for the Word of God. There was always something burning in my heart, everywhere and everything I did I just felt that condemnation. I tried so many times to come, confess my wrongs, and again I found myself caught in the devil’s programs.

However recently, I started listening to the Branham Tabernacle preliminaries and the tapes. I really got desperate before the Lord, and I began to seek after Him. My only excitement with Him had been only emotions, but I was going before the Lord, saying, “Lord, I want the real thing. I want a life change. I simply can't take this anymore. I can't continue to live in my state.”

I started to fast, which is something I had never done before. I started to wake up early, praying and listening to the tapes often. One day after work, I was listening to a tape, “Believest Thou This?” I had just prayed earlier at work, asking the Lord for a real experience for His Seal of the Holy Ghost. As I was listening to the tape, I just started to feel the Presence of the Lord. And I began to scream and shout, and I said, “Lord, whatever is going on with the prophet in the tape, don't pass me by. Then they started to sing the song, “Pass Me Not O Gentile Savior.”

I said, “Lord, may you speak to me through your prophet. I need your Holy Ghost.” I said, “Lord, I have heard so many people giving testimonies about how the prophet of God addressed them in the tapes,” And I said, “Lord, today let it be me.”

In His Presence I began to confess my wrongs, crying before Him. Immediately after, the prophet addresses me and he says, “God bless you, young man. Just give your heart to Christ recently. I see a Light still hanging above you. God bless you. You'll get the Holy Ghost now.” And then right after, something struck me and I felt like something had gone out of me, something that was heavy, and I felt so light and I just started to cry and continued to praise the Lord. Since that day I haven't been the same; this is that which the devil can never take away from me. I feel so secure. God bless you all.

Christian Nyamadzavo