Agapao Tablets Reach Kenya

Excitement and great anticipation is in the air as a recent shipment of 5,000 Agapao Tablets were recently offloaded in Nairobi, Kenya. This shipment has been greatly anticipated by the believers, and we are all rejoicing that it has finally made its way to its destination. Several youth came together to prepare food and help the brothers in the Nairobi office with this task, of which we certainly appreciate.

Kenya was the location of the first international Voice Of God Recordings office in the mid-1980s, and brothers and sisters there have been patiently waiting for their appointed time to receive this stored up Food in tablet form. Now is that time!

Although we are all aware of how the virus over the past several months has changed the world as we knew it and most countries have been all but shut down, we are making plans for the first leg of the tablet distribution when this situation improves. There is much work that goes into this planning and preparation, and we want to be ready as the Lord leads.