Malawi Relief

100 houses in less than 100 days! We are excited to report that the building project has been completed for the believers in Malawi, following one of the country’s worst flooding in its history.

Over half of Malawi’s districts declared a state of emergency at the end of January of this year. As soon as we received the initial reports, Brother Joseph sent the Malawi team into action to help rebuild lives, literally from the ground up, that had been devastated by the flooding. There is still much to be done, but with the homes in place, a great burden has been lifted for many of our brothers and sisters who lost everything.

Here is Brother Saidi’s report on the building project.

I would like to report that I have completed taking pictures on the last 38 homes.

Everything has been wonderful, I thank you very much for your prayers and your support, you definitely made my job to be much easier.

I greatly appreciate Brother Joseph, always energizing me with his kind remarks, that was perfect, and also the financial support provided by the believers that he allocated to make this whole project possible.

The believers that have benefited from this project have no proper words from their vocabulary to articulate their joy and happiness for having received brand new homes. To them this is truly manna from above.

Most of them never thought they would own beautiful and big homes like they ones VGR has built for them. Some of them are single parents and they were completely hopeless.

God's ways, are indeed, past finding. God just created a situation that would enable these believers to own new homes for their families.


God bless you.

Brother Saidi

VGR Malawi


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