YF Bonfire

The VGR office in Malawi recently hosted their own first ever YF bonfire for their youth. It was once again another opportunity for the believing youth of Africa to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Here is the report from Brother Saidi, office manager in Blantyre.

When word was received that Brother Joseph had approved the Malawi YF bonfire, the whole Malawi VGR team exploded with joy. The good tidings would be delivered to the youth at the June Malawi Quiet Time.

This was going to be the first ever bonfire the youth would have, and the youth could not wait. They were not aware of what to expect, nevertheless, the news alone was enough to create a world of excitement. 

Planning and preparations started well ahead. Initially, we had planned for 100 youth, but as more names kept registering for the event, there was need to adjust the number. The exercise kept repeating itself until we hit 180. We went ahead and rented 180 chairs only to realize that we did not have enough seats when the function finally started.

The youth were excited, they didn't know what bonfire was all about, and we kept it under wraps, we wanted them to come anticipating. We were not surprised when a few came on Friday, mistaking it for Saturday.

Being our winter season, it was chilly. As the hour was getting closer, the youth poured through our gate. Words could not describe it. The setup itself told the story in a much more beautiful way.

The youth were told to take their seats and get ready for the bonfire. Our gate had not yet relieved itself of the honor of letting in more youths to flock in, some had come from 100km away from Blantyre City.

And finally, the fire was lit, inviting shouts and ululation from the youth. Brother Paul, as usual, rose to the occasion and ignited the youth with a song, and everybody was on his/her feet with hands up in the air giving praises unto the Creator.

The songs were the usual ones, but the anointing was different. They sang with their hearts and infused life into the melody. After two songs, an opening prayer was offered, inviting the Heavenly Presence to abide with us at this rare occasion.

Seated around the fire, singing, worshipping, praising the Master was the order of the service. As the anointing flowed, tears could not be contained, spontaneously everybody went into prayer. Awesome, beyond description.

Then the youth broke off for coffee, hot chocolate, tea, drinks, and snacks. After the break, the spirit of praises and worship returned, and the youth couldn't do otherwise but kept shouting, "This is good, tell Brother Joseph that we want another one soon."

After a few songs, it was that sad moment to dish out the unpalatable announcement that we had come to an end of the event. All I can say is that it was good.

Testimonies continue to pour in, both from parents and the youth, of the wonderful time that we had at this special event.

The youth enjoyed every bit of it and they felt loved.

Bro. Saidi

VGR Malawi