Audio Department: Midyear Review
This graphic shows the total number of translated and recorded sermons we offer in each language. Some languages have been active for many years, while some have just recently become active. Note that this article does not include translated text (book) sermons.
This graphic shows the total number of translated audio sermons available by year. From 1986-1990, we edited the sermons manually. The original recording was recorded on to reel-to-reel tape, and then the space between Brother Branham’s voice and the translator's voice was cut out. This process was very time consuming. For example, it took two brothers four weeks to edit the sermon, "Indictment." Now, with advances in technology, that same sermon can be edited in as little as three hours.
In the early days of recording, translators would travel to Jeffersonville to record sermons. We would bring in one translator for recording and another translator for proofing his work. Many times the brothers would stay in Jeffersonville away from their families for an entire month. Now we have 18 recording studios around the world. The team of translators records sermons at one of these locations, and then their recordings are sent to Jeffersonville for editing. The graphic shows the increase in translated sermons per year.
Locations of or our recording studios: Brazil, Cape Town, Durban, Germany - German language, 2 more studios in Germany that are dedicated to recording Italian, India, Madagascar, Malawi, Norway, Philippines, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mobile Alabama USA, Jeffersonville Indiana USA. The graphic shows the number of sermons we have recorded through June of this year. And we still have another half a year to go!
We upload all the edited sermons to branham.org and themessage.com at the end of every week. This graphic shows sermons that are not on the microSD card yet, but they are available on our websites and the Agapao/Hero Tablets. The fastest way we have to get the translated sermons to the people is through our websites.
In 2013, we offered the first microSD cards. This graphic shows the total of audio sermons, text sermons, and total microSD cards sent from VGR. These totals do not include sermons distibuted on the Hero Tablets, Agapao Tablets, branham.org, or themessage.com.
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