An Open Door

We received this missionary report from the VGR team in Namibia about an outreach at the local school. For ten years now, the team has been casting the Gospel net of the Good News, and the Word is finding good soil with the students there.

Here is their latest report and testimonies of what the Lord is doing for the students there.

Greeting in the wonderful Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I would like to share a report of Missionary work in Namibia.

Gateway English School here in Namibia has opened the door for us to testify about the Message of the hour.

It has been over 10 years since we first visited the school. It all started with Brother Innocent Muwawa, missionary minded, he was our first VGR Office Manager here in Namibia that normally visited the school on a regular basis and distributed material to the students.

After Brother Muwawa left to the USA, we continued with the same work. In a such a way that many missionaries, including Brother Keith Herne, South Africa VGR Office Manager, during one of his visit to Namibia, Brother Arthur Vass, our VGR Office Manager, and many others, also had the opportunity to visit the school. Bro Keith Herne during one of his visits met the principal and the teachers of the school, and had the opportunity to present Brother Branham to the students and many of them gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ during that visit.

We normally visit Gateway English School at least three times every year, and every year we have students that accept the Message of the hour. Normally before we go to Gateway we go to the library, and the VGR manager, Brother Arthur, will supply us with the necessary material to give to the students after speaking to them about the Message of the hour.

This time, we have done it again. We have visited the school and spoke to all the students. Even the teachers also had the opportunity to hear the Message. We left them with some material, the address of the Namibia VGR library, and encouraged them to visit the websites: branham.org and themessage.com.

We are already having results as some of them spoke to us through the phone and other students are already having the opportunity to hear the tapes of Brother Branham for the first time in their lives.

I would like thank VGR and Brother Joseph for the great work of making sure that we are equipped with the necessary material to testify about the Message of the hour. And I also thank God for the standing of the principal of the school for opening the doors so that we can speak to the students about this precious Message.

Praise the Lord!


Aristides Eurico