Dear Lord Jesus…

The following testimony is from a sister who was alone and was longing to worship together with other believers. The Lord provided exactly what she needed.

Greetings to my precious brothers and sisters in the matchless Name of our lovely Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This morning while preparing myself to hear the Message, “What Is The Attraction On The Mountain?”, I had invited the Lord to be with me and visit me in a special way (I had been struggling with a minor eating disorder, and wanted deliverance). Ever since I read the letter Brother Joseph posted on April 18th, when he wrote, “For you that BELIEVE EVERY WORD...”, I said in my heart, “That's me!” I asked the Lord to help me, as I needed His help, I knew I couldn't do this on my own. I said in my heart, “Lord, I believe, please help my unbelief.”

"For you that BELIEVE EVERY WORD, not just some of it, but believe it IS Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever, and believe This IS God’s Voice to you, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit is on them Tapes. Then whatever you have need of, God will give it to you IF YOU BELIEVE THAT. Every devil will be cast out by the POWER OF THAT VOICE, for He speaks THE WORD."

April 18, 2020 letter from Brother Joseph

My heart was a bit sad as my husband is at work and not able to be with me. But I knew the Lord would be, because He promised He would be.

20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Matthew 18:20

And He certainly was! I want to give a praise report, to the Glory and Honor of the Lord Jesus Christ, because in the letter sent out with the prayer cloth it says to do that.

This is my personal Love letter of Thanksgiving to my dear precious Lord Jesus.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for giving me a confirmation of Your Presence here with me. As all the Bride gathered together at the same time to hear the Message this morning, I am by myself, no one for me to lay hands on, or they on me as the prayer was going forth. I had prayed sincerely in my heart for You to do something special for me. I rarely ask for myself, but I've had a great need, and have been faithfully wearing my prayer cloth, praying at the set times (whenever I was able to, however work sometimes would hinder this, but for the most part I would do as the prayer letter stated, also praying for others that needed healing/deliverance); and thanking the Lord for my healing, even though I never felt or saw any result, I kept claiming it. When listening to the Message this morning, I remembered from previous Messages, that before the prayer line began, Brother Branham would encourage the congregation to pray and ask the Lord, to reveal Himself to them by asking Him to speak directly to them, through Brother Branham, like a personal contact. I felt a definite tug in my heart to do this. As he prayed for each person, I would say in my heart, “Let it be me, Lord. Let him say something that would be for me.” I felt as though I was right in that meeting, and let myself go. As I did this, I felt so much for those people he was praying for, I stopped thinking of myself as I felt selfish. Oh in my heart, I thought, “I can't think about myself; they have more serious problems than I do. They need help right now.” Oh it was just glorious, the Presence of the Lord, bathing in the room. I felt my request dim away; and thanked the Lord for revealing to each person their request and granting their desires. I was thinking about all my brothers and sisters in other lands praying at the same time, and I was praying for them too. As Brother Branham was praying over the handkerchiefs, I was sitting in my husband’s chair. I had my hands upon the afghan that my mom made, and was I praying for him. Oh Lord, You did something so sweet! You brought to my memory about the prayer cloth that I am wearing, and how in the letter sent out with the prayer cloths, there is another piece of paper included in it, that says:

Dear Christian Friend:

We certainly appreciate your request for a prayer cloth, and trust that it will be of help to you.

Enclosed you will find a prayer cloth, and also a copy of the original letter Brother Branham sent out with each one. The prayer cloth has been prayed over by Brother Joseph Branham and Brother Billy Paul Branham. The cloths were also placed on Brother Branham's pulpit while Brother Branham's prayers over prayer cloths was played.

May the Lord richly bless you.


Something so special happened! I can't quite explain it, but as Brother Branham was praying over the handkerchiefs, I was picturing him laying his body over those handkerchiefs and praying over them. I connected the one pinned over my heart, and the ones he was praying over. Something went straight into my heart and said, “It's over!” I believed and accepted what I have been asking for! I know in my heart, IT IS FINISHED!

Thank You Lord Jesus for doing this for me! I love You with my whole heart! Praise Your blessed Holy Name forever and forever! Thank You so much for answering my prayers! You are so special Lord, You proved to me again that You care, and You always keep Your Word. You are ALWAYS with me!!!

Sister Janice and her husband, Brother James

20 ... and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

Matthew 28:20

I am eternally grateful to You! YOU ARE HEBREWS 13:8! Hallelujah to our KING!

God bless you! I'll meet you in the morning!

Your sister in Christ Jesus,

Sister Janice, Canada

"I lay my body across these handkerchiefs, representing this whole body of believers from East, West, North, and South; and say to the devil, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave every patient these are laid upon,” to the honor and glory of the Word of God. In the Name of the Word of God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.

Now, quietly, sanely, soberly, and in your right minds, as believers, do you now believe and accept your healing from God Almighty, in the Name of Jesus Christ? If you do, hold up your hands. All out in the lands, hold up your hands out there. Every person in here, as far as I can see, had their hands up; inside, outside, against the windows, in the doors, in the nurseries, and all around everywhere, people with their hands up. They accept It. Satan is defeated! The stripes of Jesus Christ heals you, and the Presence of Jesus Christ verifies the fact that He’s living today, ever able to keep every promise that He made. Amen! I believe Him. Don’t you? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]

Now let us stand up to our feet. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, accepting everything that’s been done or said, we love Him with all of our hearts. We cherish Him with all that’s in us. Now as you go to your different homes from tonight, God go with you."

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