The Little Things: God Is There

We should always recognize the goodness of God and His daily works in our lives. When we are sick, God is there to heal us. When we read His Word, God is there to interpret it to us. When we pray, God is there to listen. When we listen to His prophet, God is there to smile upon us. God is there, always, if we would only recognize Him.

The following is from a brother in Cameroon, who recognized that God was right there with him.

I have a short testimony about what I experienced this Thursday, May 21, 2020. It is so simple, but it impressed me.

In the afternoon, I was lying on a mat in our courtyard, and I turned a small speaker on next to me to listen to the tape. I wanted to listen to the tape “The Godhead Explained,” which is one of the tapes in this month's Tape Quiz. I was convinced that the only sermon playing on the SD card in that speaker was this sermon.

When the tape started playing, it didn't start at the beginning. But I was still convinced that it was “The Godhead Explained” that was playing. But it wasn't.

Some two or three minutes later, the audio device notified that it was running out of battery. So I turned the speaker off and asked one of my daughters to bring me our big speaker. The USB key attached to the big speaker has two hundred and eight sermons on it, and it's not easy to find a particular sermon to listen to. So I knew I was going to listen to a different sermon than the one I originally wanted to hear.

When I turned on the big speaker, the sermon that was on there started at the beginning and the voice announced that the sermon we're going to hear is called, “The Godhead Explained.” Wow, I was amazed, I couldn't believe it. I thought, “I have to send this testimony to The Voice of God,” and then I thought, “That's not enough for me to send that, and that I'll simply mention this when I have a greater testimony to share.”

I was still happy with the experience I had just had. Lying on my back, I observed the movement of the clouds in the sky, as well as the movement of the leaves shaken by a light wind that blew while to my right played the tape. I was having an unusual good time.

Nearly thirty minutes passed, when suddenly in the sky I saw a rainbow. In the nine years that I have lived here, this is the second time (as I recall) that I have seen a rainbow from here. The first time was when my family and I had just caught the vision of the Tapes Ministry.


As I watched this rainbow, I thought, "this is enough experience for me to send a testimony," so I took a few pictures from my phone.

God bless you richly.

Brother Eric Ngantcha

Douala, Cameroon

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