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Over the next few weeks we will be posting lifeline articles from our archives. Lifeline is a publication distributed by Voice of God Recordings each month to those who provided financial support that month.

This lifeline is from the summer of 2003. It details an interview that Brother Branham gave in August of 1956.

An Interview with Brother Branham

In the late 1940’s and ‘50’s, several religious magazines appeared on the scene, carrying articles about the healing campaigns that flourished across the U.S. and Canada at that time. Many of the articles followed the ministry of Brother Branham. While these magazines long ago ceased publication, we thought you might enjoy reading an interview with Brother Branham, conducted by a Brother Colbert Bigby, that was recorded and published in the August 1956 issue of the Faith Journal Magazine out of Greenville, South Carolina (shown below).

We are reprinting the first portion of that interview in this month’s Lifeline, complete with the pictures that were taken during the interview. The final portion will be in next month’s Lifeline.

Cover of August 1956 issue of Faith Journal

Brother Bigby: “Brother Branham, what are your plans for the remainder of 1956?”

Brother Branham: “Well, I am planning to attend the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota June 23-27. From there I go to Canada with a Message to a person from the Lord. This person was told a few years ago that she was going to bear a child. She has been childless all her life. She is now fifty-three years old and she is having a baby next month. I have a Word for her to show her just how perfect the Word of the Lord is, and how that when He speaks, we, we can expect it to come to pass. From there I am going down to California, and the only planned meeting I have is the Azusa Street Rally the second week in September.”

Bro. Bigby: “You are busy preaching in revivals over the earth. I am sure you believe there is a ‘Move of God’ on now. Is that correct?”

Bro. Branham: “Yes, that is correct.”

Bro. Bigby: “What course do you think the established Pentecostal organizations will take from here on out, in regard to the ‘Move of the Spirit of God’ that is now on in the earth?”

Bro. Branham: “I think that many who don’t understand it will be in opposition to it. This has been true of all revivals in the past. I believe there will be a dividing soon. There will be the established fundamentals, who will set their course straight to the Bible and refuse to vary from it. In my opinion, they will be the cream of the crop. When the separating time comes, the fanatical wildfire, overheated groups will perhaps go off into all kinds of error and unbibical teachings, and bring disgrace upon the entire revival move, and do injury to the cause. But, I believe the true church will stir right on through all of it. The devil has, in the past, and will continue in the future, to hinder God’s work by leading man astray.”

Bro. Bigby: “Do you feel that the present ‘move of deliverance’ will be accepted by the older denominational leaders?”

Bro. Branham: “I believe that when real results, backed up by the fundamental teachings of the Bible, are produced, that any open-hearted person will receive it.”

Bro. Bigby: “What would you advise a church to do that is wishing to continue on in the ‘move of God,’ yet is regimented against it?”

Bro. Branham: “I would advise the churches to always follow Christ and their convictions.”

Bro. Bigby: “What steps do you think will be taken by legal authorities to hamper Healing Campaigns?”

Bro. Branham: “I think the day will come when the preaching of divine healing and the working of the Holy Spirit will be legally attacked like Brother Jack Coe was in Miami recently. No doubt there will be some kind of amendment passed to stop it. These attacks will be directed against the ‘move of God,’ and there will probably be an effort to force inter-denominationalism into denominations. In my opinion, it is all heading up in the mark of the beast.”

Bro. Bigby: “Do you think the ‘move of God,’ and we mean this present revival, could possibly become the run-away of some men?”

Bro. Branham: “Yes, I do. God is trying to work with his people, but He cannot get them settled long enough to work with them. For instance, a few years ago, there was a little boy, who started out having revivals, by the name of ‘Little David.’ Although I had previously been opposed to children evangelizing for Christ, I took a liking to this young fellow. He was no ‘Christmas Story.’ He was a real minister, called and anointed of God to preach the message. I began to speak for him as soon as I heard him. This little fellow did wonderful for a while, but different groups began to get divided over him, and then each group had to get them a ‘Little David.’ If the entire Pentecostal movement had grouped around the lad as a group of fathers, and would have helped him in the field that his ministry was really in, he would have won thousands of little children to Christ. But when each group tried to get them a ‘Little David,’ the devil had a chance to work.

But, I do not condemn these men who have run away; try to help them. Always remember that when children get hungry enough, they will eat from a garbage can. That is what starts so many cults. Many times the people are hungry for the Bread of Life because the ministers fail to give it to them. People are hungry for the true Bread. When they don’t receive it, they go into error while searching for it. Recently a Presbyterian brother from the West Coast said to me, ‘We Presbyterians once had the greatest churches on the West Coast, but Christian Science has come in and broke up our churches.’ I thought it was about my time to speak, so I said, ‘My kind sir, if you Presbyterians would have given your people the food that their hungry souls were reaching for, Christian Science would never have been able to touch them.’ So, I think that a lot of these run-aways are just hungry children, looking for Bread.”

The  conclusion of the interview, about imparting spiritual gifts and the sovereignty of the local church, will be continued tomorrow.

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