Trust Him

We can trust that God will ALWAYS answer a sincere prayer, but we must leave our minds open to how He wants to answer it. This brother in Namibia was given his termination notice at his job as a teacher, and miraculously found the opportunity for another job. He sent a prayer request, asking that we pray for him to get the new job. As you will read, the Lord had different things planned.

Here is his prayer request received on about March 4, 2017:

Dear Saints, I would like you to pray for me. I have recently been fired from my current job. My director has told me that I have become redundant and my position is no longer needed. I am a teacher and a translator. I do work with English and Portuguese, and vice versa.

I have also been recently married with a wife and a newborn baby of six months. We have just found a vacant post today on the paper regarding a translator and interpreter. This is so rare to find such on paper. They have a five-year contract for that. Me and the wife are so eager as we think this is our way out, since I have been dismissed.

I am asking for prayers from the saints in order to help me. I need this job so I can be able to provide for the family that God has entrusted me with. Please keep me in prayers so I get this job, I do not know how God will make it with so many people currently jobless, but I believe this is my job. Keep me in your prayers saints.

Brother Jose

We recently received this testimony from the same brother.

Dear VGR brethren.

I sent in a prayer request dated 03/04/17. In that prayer request I mentioned how I had been fired by my employer, when I had a colleague who smeared my name at my teaching profession and my director decided to fire me after listening to complaints from my colleague which were not authentic.

I had mentioned in the request which I sent that I had a tape of the prophet playing in my pocket though my cell phone while I had a meeting with director, the devil then played dirty tricks on me and said, “You were listening to the prophet and trusting God and yet your faith was not honored.” I did not pay attention to any reasoning of the enemy.

Last week I got a call from my director saying they needed to talk to me. I this time again had the tape of the prophet playing secretly in my pocket, to my surprise this time, the director started apologizing for the way he wanted to dismiss me, and said the management of the school has been paying close attention to my work and realized that my services are of high standard and that next year they are busy trying to find a best working environment and position for me at the school. I am grateful to God who has stood by me and showed that it was not in vain to have trusted in Him.

God bless you.

Brother Jose,