From The Archive - The Miracle of Little John

(originally published on Nov. 28, 2016) Well documented, powerful, and undeniable. Those three words describe this testimony about little John, whose miracle baffled science and showed that Faith in His Word will do for any need. Here is his testimony.

The Lord blessed us with a baby boy on the 1st of July, 2016. For the first few weeks, he was in Critical Baby Care Unit facing many complications like bleeding, unstable oxygen level, etc. Three specialist doctors advised me to be prepared, as the boy would not be able to live more than a week. It was our faith that "If God brought my child to this world, He can sustain him too.” On July 12th, my baby boy was going through crucial moments. It was an unforgettable day in my whole life. I would like to share those moments with my brothers and sisters in Christ for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and for His Amazing Grace.

Tuesday morning 6:45, the 12th of July 2016

It was this morning that I was on my way to the hospital. I received an emergency call from CBCU (Critical Baby Care Unit), Medical Trust Hospital, Ernakulum, India, where he was admitted. They told me to come as soon as possible. When I reached the hospital, the nurse called me into CBCU. The doctor started briefing about the baby's condition, which was VERY critical.

Since 1:00am, the heartbeat and the oxygen saturation became very low, and the medicine "adrenaline" (the medicine used at the time of a heart attack) had been being given to the baby. The ventilator support was running at capacity (100) and the doctors were at their limits of what they could do. Knowing that he was at his last moments, the physicians told me to inform my family and to come see him for the last moments. I asked the doctors permission to go in and pray for John. He agreed.

I placed my right hand upon his chest and raised my left hand to heaven, and said, “Lord, medical science has limitations, but my God has no limitations. Lord, You have given the breath to my baby, so You can continue the breath in him. Let this baby become a witness to You. Give me this baby. In the holy Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.’’ While I was praying my whole body was shivering, and I had never been that way before. The baby also started to shake due to shivering of my hands. I cried out with my whole heart to the Lord.

After the prayer it took some time for me to get back to normal condition. I didn't say anything to doctor or nurses, but I quickly came out from CBCU with tears and started to walk here and there outside the CBCU. I was filled with some mysterious faith, extra energy, and feeling. I called my friends and brothers to support me in prayers. His heartbeat was very low, and the oxygen level came down and the baby became bluish. His abdomen swelled and the internal organs got damaged. At this point, John was living only by adrenalin support and the ventilator support was maximum - 100. Hence as per medical science's point of view, there was nothing more they could do. I replied to the doctor, "I am a believer of Lord Jesus Christ. I believe in miracles. Nothing will happen to my baby.” I requested that the doctor shift my baby to another hospital, but she didn't allow it and said that if we shift the baby, he will die before we reach the lift. I agreed and said to the doctor that "Even if chances where less than 1%, I will still believe in Him, the almighty.” I came out from CBCU - time, 10:15am

The main doctor called me again. I entered the CBCU, and there she asked me some questions:

  • What is your belief?
  • What is your religion?
  • Are you a Pentecostal?
  • What is your fellowship?
  • Are you a pastor?
  • Where is your gathering?

I said, "Doctor, I am Christian. I have only one God, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. I don't believe in any denominations, or denominational beliefs, and I don't want to be a member in any church. I have a small fellowship with whom I gathered to pray to Lord Jesus Christ for the last 18 years, starting from my college days. I say my supplications, my happiness, and everything to HIM only." I asked the doctor, "Doctor, what is the matter?" She replied, " YOUR BABY HAS RECOVERED FROM THE CRITICAL LEVEL."

While we were in prayers, we heard this sermon, “Exhortation Of Divine Healing,” where the prophet says:

Sir, why don't you accept your healing? Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.]

Now, everyone just a moment. Now, what's--what's the... You have a--your hand onto somebody. What's that, a little boy? Set him up just a minute.

Look this way, young man. Is that you... The lady gave me the picture just a few moments ago. Aren't you? I... Now, that's as far as I--I know, but I seen your hand on that child there. You're interested in him in some manner. Look this a... Oh, yes. I can't say what will or what won't. That child's suffering with a, I believe it's asthma, isn't it, or something? Isn't that right? He has a hard time sleeping. Isn't that right? Isn't that right?

Oh, heavenly Father, I bless this little lad right now, that You heal him and make this the greatest night of his life, Lord. That You'll take this away from him and may he recover and get altogether well and be healed and a well young man, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ, I ask it. Amen.

Now, look this way. Oh, God has a...?... or want to show it to the loved ones. All right. The baby's going to get over that, little honey, this little sister. That's all right. It's going to be... The baby will get well.

51-0501 Exhortation Of Divine Healing

After the prayer, the nurse was standing beside the baby, observing the readings in the monitors. Suddenly, the reading of the saturation heartbeat started to increase. The nurse ran into where the doctor was and said to come and check what is happening. The doctor didn’t believe it first. The nurse again compelled and brought the doctor into the baby. There the doctor and nurse saw that all the vitals of the baby were coming back to normal. The nurse started to weep and said that we saw God there. The doctor and nurse unanimously witnessed that there happened a great miracle on the baby. Praise the Lord.

On the next week, the baby faced another hurdle. On the blood test result, it was examined that the baby had jaundice according to the reading of Direct Bilirubin was 16. Normally that reading should not exceed 1. And this jaundice cannot be healed by phototherapy, which used to come for newborn babies. Then the ultra sound scanning was done for the baby. The doctor saw another miracle there, that there are no findings of jaundice in the liver and gall bladder of the baby. Praise the Lord.

Another hurdle was ROP (Retinopathy Of Premature). The left eye of the baby has less growth of veins. Hence the baby was chosen for a laser treatment to burn the ingrowth veins and posted the surgery. But surprising everyone, on the date of the surgery, at the time of review, the doctor found that the eye was getting improved and decided to cancel the surgery. Praise the Lord.

The financial part of the treatment is another miracle. The total expense of the treatment is 4 lakhs (1 lakh is equivilent to 100,000 rupees, which is about 1,643 dollars). As per the medical claim policies, the newborn babies are not covered under the claim. But I was expecting a maximum of 1.7 lakhs rupees under the claim. I have given a request for additional 2 lakhs, which is a rare chance. On the day of discharging, the 10th of September, it was sanctioned Rs. 3.7 lakhs ($6,000), which was beyond all the calculations of the hospital and mine.

By the grace of almighty GOD, our little John has passed all complications and he is discharged from his hospital doing well today.

Your Brother in Christ,

Bro.Anil K M


Kochi – Kerala, India