Restoring The Faith

The end-time evangelist’s Message is from Malachi 4. It’s a restoring. The Message and messenger, both, will have to be a restoration of the Faith. Jude said, in the Book of Jude, just about thirty years after the crucifixion, he said, “Brethren, I give all diligence to write unto you of the common Faith, that you should earnestly contend for the Faith that was once delivered to the saints back there.” See? See? Malachi said, for the last days, the last prophet of the Old Testament, that “Before the great and terrible Day of the Lord shall come, I will send to you Elijah the prophet. And he will restore the Faith of the children back to, or the Faith of the children back to the fathers, just before the destruction time.” What is it? It’s a Message that goes forth, a Message and messenger of the last days, that’s not to bring them to a creed, but to jerk them out of those creeds and bring them back to the original Faith of the fathers, the Pentecostal fathers, where the Church is to be in the last days. Not the Mosaic fathers, but the Pentecostal fathers.

62-0603 The End-Time Evangelism

Many times witnessing can be intimidating. Where and when? What do I say? But, sometimes we don’t have to say anything, just set a platform so the Light can shine in the darkness.

The Durban team is doing just that. The following is a report from three stops they made to present the Message to those who would hear.

Last week, the VGR Office in Durban went into the highways and byways, scattering the Message of the hour.

We did three consecutive days of witnessing, beginning in UMzimkhulu, a rural village situated approximately 160km from Durban.

We were accompanied there by three sisters, who had been witnessing to some of their relatives in the village about the impact of the Message on their lives. Those relatives were then desiring to hear for themselves what the Messenger has to say!


We started out by visiting each of the neighboring homes in the village. We split up into teams of two or three, as we made our way through the village, armed with translated Zulu sermon books and "The Messenger" witnessing tract. We invited many people from the village to join us, as we prepared ourselves to listen to the Message of the hour delivered by God's prophet, Brother Branham.

There was quite a chill in the air, but that didn't stop us from singing praises unto God, and nor did it hinder the hungering souls in the area, who came out desiring to hear the Word of the Lord.



Our next outing was on Friday afternoon, where we attended another initiative arranged by some local brothers who have a burden for souls, while also ministering to the needs of the poor. These brothers approached a very impoverished kindergarten center, where they arranged to provide some meals for all the children and some of the needy people in the area. We were delighted to attend the event, and after some heartfelt singing and worship, we introduced the voice of the seventh angel as he spoke on the subject: "The Voice of the Sign."



Our last stop was in Tshelimnyama, a Zulu township near Durban. We were invited to attend a tent service hosted by one of the local evangelists, who is actively spreading the Message in the area. He took a text from Amos 8:11-12 and the 17th chapter of First Kings, as he informed the audience about the spiritual famine in the earth today, a famine that was predicted thousands of years ago by the prophet Amos.

We praise the Living God for providing a source of Spiritual Sustenance in a time of complete apostasy.

It is our the greatest honor and privilege, to introduce the Message and the messenger to the people of the hour:


May God richly bless you,

VGR Durban Office

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