Ghana Aid Distribution

And the famine was sore in the land.

Genesis 43:1

Over the last few weeks, Brother Samuel Wontumi and the Ghanaian team have been providing not only spiritual Food to the Bride in his country but also natural food.

The team has completed 3 of 4 aide distribution trips. We have been receiving thank you letters from many of the saints who are in desperate times. Some are saying that this came at just the right time for their families. Reports came back that at the time of receiving their portion that many had just only a few dollars left to sustain their households.

Their thank you letters not only mention Brother Joseph and us here at VGR, but also all those who make such sacrifices to support this work. Where would we be without the loyal supporters?

The team has been working with the pastors in the central and south regions to find those most in need. Here are the reports.


In Kumasi, we purchase 44 bags of rice at GH¢130.00 ($22 USD) per bag. These were shared amongst 15 churches, with total beneficiaries standing at 200 believers.

The trip started from Tema at 3:30 am with ETA between 7:30 am and 8:00 am, but we had to stop at a point to change a flat tire for almost an hour. We finally got to Kumasi at 9:30 am, and upon the invitation of Brother Jim Cleopas Nyamekye, the VGR Ashanti Region representative, we ate breakfast in his house.

After breakfast, the team left immediately to the church site, where pastors were gathered and eagerly waiting in expectation to receive the rice for the needy in their churches.

Prayers were said by Pastor Jim, followed by a brief talk by me on the love in the heart of Brother Joseph that caused his decision to support needy brethren in Ghana after receiving our weekly report. All present thanked VGR for coming so quickly to their aid. Pastor Jim, on behalf of all recipients, thanked Brother Joseph, and prayed for God’s continued blessings on him.

We journeyed back to Tema after eating fufu, a popular Ghanaian dish. We arrived safely in Tema at 5:30 pm. To God be the Glory.


Kasoa is a sprawling city located on the outskirts of Accra, leading into the Central Region of Ghana.

It is also one of the cities with a fast-growing population. Currently, with 652 active cases, it was one of the first areas of lockdown announced by the government.

Bro. Joseph decided to come to the aid of believers in the lockdown areas, such as Kumasi, Accra, Kasoa, and Tema. Eleven churches with a combined total of 371 affected brethren received relief support.

Our trip began at Tema at 5:45 a.m. By 7 am we had arrived at a church at Kasoa, the chosen place for the distribution. The team strictly observed the cap of 25 for social gatherings as it then was. As such, pastors and distribution teams received the rice for the people.

After a short prayer by Pastor Kingsley Enyan, Bro. Samuel gave a briefing on why the team was there and spoke of Bro. Joseph’s love and desire to see brethren safe and in good health, and also to support brethren affected by the lockdown.

Pastor Kingsley, on behalf of pastors and brethren in Kasoa, thanked Bro. Joseph for his love and care, and to all VGR staff in Jeffersonville, USA. A short prayer was said after the official handing over of the items with a promise by Pastor Kingsley to send over details of recipients of the relief items.

As the team was leaving Kasoa, a few more brethren and pastors arrived at the site. We then traveled to Tema and arrived safely. To God be the Glory.


The team left Tema for Accra at 10:20 am, and we arrived safely at the venue, Calling Seed Tabernacle Church, Pastored by Bro. Kingsley.

We were met by Pastor Kingsley who led us to the church auditorium, where a few brethren pastors had gathered to receive the relief items for onward distribution to members of their church affected by the partial lockdown announced by the government a few weeks ago.

After a short prayer was said by Pastor Kingsley, Bro. Samuel - VGR office manager, announced our mission and conveyed to all gathered Bro. Joseph's deep desire, love, and concern for the brethren in Ghana and how much touched he was by the plight of brethren in dire need of support.

Afterward, the items, 35 bags of rice, containing five bags of 5kgs of rice for each, were handed over to the pastors of affected brethren in their churches.

Bro. Kingsley was so thankful and shared a testimony of how the playing of the tapes healed a sick sister they visited and said he is a personal witness to what blessing this Malachi 4 Message has done and is doing for brethren in Ghana.

In all, 122 brethren benefited from the donations and were represented by 11 pastors of different churches in Accra alone.

Tema is the next and last on the distribution calendar. To God be the glory.

Bro. Samuel Wontumi

VGR office Manager Ghana