The Hand Of God

We greet you all in the precious Name of our Lord and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. We live in the region of Trois-Rivières, Quebec. I'm in my 60s, and I own a small business of regular cleaning services. That's not a full-time work, but to me it's a half-retirement. However, in this pandemic time, this work is considered as an essential service. My wife works in a health care nursing home, and therefore needless to say that it is also an essential work.

For us who are believers, this pandemic is of no concern, we just prayed and asked the Lord to protect all the people of the places where we work. For me, those places involve a few companies and about 15 apartment buildings. At the time of this writing, I have not yet met any cases where those people would have contracted the virus.

The nursing home where my wife works is housing about 160 people, beside the nursing staff. Up until last week, there were no cases of Covid19 listed. But the senior management had a pandemic problem at the hospital in their geriatric department. Several dozen of people were infected and they decided to transfer an 84-year-old woman who didn't have any symptoms yet. A test done on the person had turned out negative. Yet it is known in the health field that a person with no symptoms is going to test negative.

With the arrival of this lady, the nursing home where my wife works has however taken some precautions, but with the lack of personnel that we have in these centers in Quebec, it was impossible to control all the old people walking around. These people they call "the walkers" are people who have independent mobility. Some walkers went to visit the new arrival's room. Two days later, staff noted signs of covid19 on the 84-year-old woman. Another test was done and the lady was positive. In the meantime, the walkers also started to develop a fever as well as other people who had been in contact with them. So 8 people had fever and the 84-year-old woman was tested positive. They moved her to a completely isolated room with a dedicated staff only for her.

Needless to say, since the coming of this virus, the nursing home workers have been under a tremendous stress. A government decree forces them to work, cancels their vacations, etc. It was for them a moment of discouragement and fear. My wife was also shaken, but I reminded her that we had been praying, now it was all in the hands of our Lord and that Satan should argue with HIM for this, and we kept our FAITH.

For the health care staff who were caring of the 84-year-old lady, the lady was doomed since her health was not very good even before she contracted the virus. For the others, it was the beginning of a long and gloomy fight. My wife kept telling them that everything was going be okay, that me and her had prayed, and that everything was under God's control.

Then the grace of God intervened. That same evening, the medical team proceeded to transfer her to an isolated room reserved for the infected case, but this very same evening, the 84-year-old lady had no more symptoms and was healed. She was totally lucid and speaking normally with the staff at her care. Also, the results of the tests that were taken from the other eight people who had fever started to arrive at the center, and all of them were negative results. These people are doing well.

Of course, the staff don't know what happened, some admit that something incomprehensible has happened in this recovery, some people talk of an extremely rare case, but none of these people can see the hand of God. My wife and I are thankful to our Lord for having opened our ears and our eyes to this Message, and we hope that this little testimony will be a blessing for His Bride.

May God bless you all,

Brother Gaëtan and Sister Janique