A Special Hour

The following Quiet Time testimonies were sent in from two separate parts of the world, Brazil and the Republic of Congo. The settings are thousands of miles apart, but the experiences are the same: Jesus keeps all His appointments.

Quiet Time can be any time or any day, but many believers around the world spend an hour worshipping in solitude with our Lord Jesus every Saturday at 7:00AM, Jeffersonville time. That is 4AM in Tucson, 1PM in London, 2PM in Nairobi, 4:30 in Mumbai, and 9PM in Sydney.

Great is our joy to send you the report of a special Quiet Time that we had here on Saturday 6th May 2017.

Believers reached the library at 12.30 P.M. and we directly started activity with a prayer around 12.40 P.M.

We had some words to begin with, informing them about the importance of Quiet Time and VGR Vision on that. It was such a blessing to them, we also told the young brothers and sisters that we will be having Quiet Time once per month at the library and they were all very excited.

We started our Quiet Time at 1 P.M., which lasted for one hour and the atmosphere at the library was very special. Such quiet atmosphere that we could feel the presence of the Lord on young faces reading the prophet or praying.

We all enjoyed game time and had a time to worship the Lord with old gospel songs. It was very deep singing all “Old Time Religion” and other songs.

We are very grateful to the Lord for such time with young believers and we thank the Bride for the support in prayer.

We are really burning for next quiet time event on 3rd June, do keep us in prayer.

Bro Kina

VGR Brazzaville



The following is a report from Quiet Time that took place at the VGR office in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the same day, May 6th.

Below is the report of our Quiet Time held on May 6, 2017.

Our Friday started with very bad forecasts for the weekend; the probability of rain for Saturday was 80%. Accompanying some websites of people who do outdoor activities, I could verify that everyone would stay at home especially on Saturday, because it was sure to rain. On Friday night the rain would show that all weather forecasts were correct, but we were taught by Brother Branham that prayer changes the picture.

We prayed and asked the Lord not to let the rain disturb our plans, for two great caravans would be coming from far away to spend the day with us and we would not want them to feel disappointed.

The Lord was very wonderful. At 6:20 am, when I left home to go to the office, I could see the sun wanting to give its color in a very shy way behind the clouds. A small breeze took over the region, and all those clouds that were preventing its passage suddenly disappeared and it shone brightly in the midst of the Brazilian fall.

The day was beautiful; the blue sky showed us that the Lord had heard our prayers.

The young people began to arrive, took their places for meditation, and the silence took over the environment. We had 65 young people present.

A small young man named Gabriel told me the following, “Brother Anderson, everywhere we go, the time always passes very quickly; when we are here at the office it seems that the time stops.”

Our day was very special, and in all we saw the hand of the Lord operating.

Your brother in Christ, Anderson Vieira!

Brazil Office