Eastern Europe

At the end of May, Brothers Ivan Trubitsin and Alexej Gaevsky from VGR Ukraine office, together with Brother Matti Honkanen from Finland office, made the trip to northern Ukraine to the cities of Chernihiv and Kiev. They brought with them the news of the Agapao Tablet, along with distributing Message material. Here is their report of this trip.

On Saturday morning we started by car to Chernihiv which is the Ukrainian name for the city while in the Soviet time it was known with its Russian name, Chernigov. It has existed since the 9th century.

Just before Chernihiv, we saw by the side of the highway the first one of the four big advertisement boards. It was “In the Name.” In Chernihiv we met pastor Dima and he took us around to see those three other advertisement boards which were Life After, Original Sin, and The Dreadful Day Of The Lord. They were placed along the main highways which were leading to the city.

Pastor Dmitry Bourba is in the middle with Bro. Ivan Trubitsin on the left and Brother Alexej Gaevsky on the right.

At Saturday evening we attend the Chernihiv church with Pastor Dmitry Bourba. Brother Matti spoke about the Russian work and told that there are 443 Russian translations on the Voice Of God Recordings web page, and there are also 242 audio files available. As the work continues, every month several files are added to the web page. He also spoke about the new possibilities, new blessings, that are coming with the Agapao Tablets. The believers were very blessed about the news and they are under great expectation to get the Agapao Tablet into their hands.

Kiev is a very old city with a history of over a thousand years, and some legends even claim that one of the apostles, Saint Andrew, passed through the city.

Kiev was the location of the demonstrations where President Yanukovych was ousted from power following the February 2014 Euromaidan clashes in Kiev's Independence Square. These protests resulted in more than 100 deaths.

These things lead into Russia annexing the Ukrainian territory of Crimea on March 2014. After that the armed conflict which is also known as the Donbass War started, and Russian minded separatist occupied parts of the eastern Ukraine, including Donetsk where one of the biggest Message churche is located. Many of the believers have now left those areas and are scattered around Ukraine, and some have moved to Russia to find work.

At Sunday we visited two churches in Kiev and attended their services. The first one was pastored by Brother Andrew Izbash who graciously gave the whole service to us.

Brother Matti spoke again of the Russian work and the Agapao Tablet. Some of the believers came after the service to tell us that this Agapao Tablet is a dream coming to life. After the service we fellowshipped a short time with the believers. We also met some believers from the Donetsk church who now live in Kiev and attend this church. Also the pastor from Donetsk, Brother Vladimir Ryabov, sent his greetings to us. Soon we had to leave them and continue our trip to another of the Kiev churches pastored by Brother Vladimir Tarasenko. They were also very delighted about the missionary report and Brother Tarasenko told about his missionary work in Moldova and invited us to come over there too. After the service we fellowshipped with Brother Tarasenko serving us pizzas.

After the visits we could only say the Lord had been with us and all the fellowship had been so sweet as the honey the little cubs were licking from each other as Brother Branham tells in several messages. The Lord truly is working among His people and there is today more unity and Brotherly Love among them than ever before. The words of this Message are truly the Spirit and Life to us as they are His Words.



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