Zimbabwe YF Bonfire

For many years now, the Zimbabwe office has played a critical role as a hub for distributing Message material throughout many parts of Africa. They have always held the highest of standards to carry on the vision of VGR: to spread the Message to every corner of the globe.

Not only have they maintained this standard to its highest, but they have carried it over to the youth of their country as well. Since Zimbabwe caught the vision of Young Foundations, they haven’t stopped. They have been among the first of the international countries to partake in nearly every facet of YF, and they keep on going. From Jesus Jars, to Cub Corner kids and Creations, to camps and banquets, and now, to their very first Still Waters inspired bonfire!

Below is their report:

What a time!

The Word tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people. This Scripture was lived out on a cool Saturday evening in May when we had our very first bonfire for the awesome young people in Zimbabwe! Arrivals warmed up with coffees, teas, s'mores, and cupcakes. This set a perfect atmosphere for the hour of praise and worship to our Father. It was a perfect evening, about the time that God loved to come down and fellowship with His children in the perfect garden of Eden. After an opening prayer, the sacrifice of our lips began ascending to Papa God from His little lambs gathered at the VGR office in Zimbabwe.

Our cups were running over as song after song rolled through our lips. It is wonderful how the Lord is very well pleased when we set aside whatever time for Him. He never misses those appointments! We sang, danced, laughed, clapped and worshiped while enjoying the radiance of the warm fire. Truly it was a memorable time! As we worshiped, you could feel the presence of the Lord so near. It was in the midst of this beautiful presence that Bro Ben closed in a word of prayer, and we tried to leave for home. It was hard to break this atmosphere for closure, but we had to. Many had to board two sets of taxis for transport just to get back home, & others had sacrificed travelling for over 100km to be partakers of this blessed time. But in their words, "It was well worth it!"

Leave, we did, but not without another cup of tea, coffee, a cup cake or warm marshmallow! We all agreed that Bonfire was too short! We're certainly looking forward to the next time that God will provide for us to be together again. We would really like to thank Brother Joseph Branham and YF for caring for our spiritual welfare as young people. The YF events continue to have a profound effect and are a tremendous encouragement to our Christian lives.

May God Bless You All

I certainly appreciate good singing. I had said, "When I get to Heaven, the Lord lets me come in when I knock at the door, or however way we enter, I want to be around where there's singing, 'cause I like it real well. And I trust that many of these wonderful singers that we've heard in the past, and now, that will be there singing those glorious old songs of redemption through all Eternity…

54-0718A The Great Coming Revival And The Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit