A Helping Hand

We received this testimony from a family whose testimony is a good reminder God’s hand is always there to be extended in time of need.

We were on a family holiday in Cancun Mexico. Taking a cab to our villa when our 2-year-old grandson Micaiah had a seizure, he went limp, his eyes rolled back, lips turned blue and he went unconscious. We immediately called to God for His Grace and Mercy. The taxi ripped off to the closest hospital. Micaiah’s mom, Deborah, was pumping on his heart and giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Some of the ones we were traveling with knew we had gone to the hospital but could not locate which one. Bro. Danny Fehr (the other grandpa) didn’t even know what had happened to his grandson as we had no way of contacting him. We had no cell phone or any Mexican pesos.

So, I got directions to an ATM. I was waiting in a long line to use the money machine when I noticed a Christian looking lady coming out of a grocery store. She stopped to adjust some bags, so I stepped out of line and stood in the path that she was walking. As she passed I asked if she knew William Branham? She was puzzled at first because of my English but then smiled and said Si! We moved to the side and I showed her some contact names that Bro. Jerry Amalong had given me for Cancun and one turned out to be her dad. She had a cell phone and made a couple calls. One was to her cousin who happened to be at the airport with Bro. Danny. So, I was able to tell him about Miciaha and give our location.

To think for me to meet this Christian out of hundreds of thousands of people in Cancun. It had to be the hand of God helping us in our time of need. What makes it even more of a miracle is that she didn’t live in that part of the city and would not have normally been at this store that day but she was buying supplies for her cooking class which had been changed from Thursday to Friday. The Lord works from both ends.

Also, the Doctor attending Micaiah could speak some English and he was so good to them. Deborah was able to testify to the Doctor and before leaving Mexico she returned to the hospital to show the Doctor a healthy child and give him some Spanish message books which he gladly accepted and said he would read them.

God is certainly a good Father and knows how to care for His children.

God Bless

Brother Larry