Take Your Burdens To The Lord

You might think an item being lost for two weeks would be long gone, but simply take your burden before Father and it is sure to come out right. Here is one of those "Little Things" testimonies that seems to speak to all of us. 

I want to share my testimony about a great miracle the LORD did for me. I need to wear my prescription Varifocal glasses (also known as progressive lenses, two prescriptions, one for distance and one for reading) to read and drive a car.

After a short period of time of being back in Canada, I lost them. They were beautiful glasses that had interchangeable arms of different colors and I was very sorry to lose them. I went and looked everywhere- in the house, on the beach, I went to all the stores and offices I was at, asking if a pair of glasses had been found, but to no avail.

Then I went to prayer before our good LORD and asked Him to please let me find my glasses. After more than two weeks I did not give up, and was sure that He would not fail me. What He has done for others He will do for me too. I said in my heart that I would not lose faith, but believe that He will let me find them!

Yesterday, I went to the little mall were I had to do some shopping. I passed by a certain store, something said in my heart to go in again and maybe they are on the display turn-around for the glasses. I found myself going directly to the two turn-around displays of glasses; I rotated the first display- nothing, then my eyes moved to the second and there, on one of the holders, were my glasses. I took them and headed for the ladies washroom and screamed the praises to our LORD.

I immediately left the store, but returned back to tell the cashier that I had not taken anything, but that I had found my glasses! The clerk was delighted and told me not to worry at all because glasses of that kind are not sold here. I am so thankful to the LORD.

Hallelujah to the Lamb!

Sister Christiane