Angola Youth Event Pt 1

We received the following report from Brother Aristides Eurico in Angola, Africa.

Months before the outbreak of Coronavirus in Angola, we had a youth event in Luanda, the capital city of Angola. The attendance was 150 children from 8 to 17 years old, coming from 10 different local churches. They gathered together and had the opportunity to hear the sermon 65-1031A “Leadership.”

The activity started at 10:00 AM. During the tape service, sometimes it seemed as if the youth were not paying close attention to the sermon; but surprisingly during the quizzes after the service, they were very excited and keen to answer the questions. To our surprise, they were able to correctly answer almost all of the questions.

Brother João Ricardo had the opportunity to tell them the story of The Mother Opossum. As the brother was reading the story to them in a dramatized way, the children paid remarkable attention with their bright eyes fixed to the brother. After that, Brother Fulay took the meeting and projected on the screen the www.branham.org and www.cubcorner.org websites to brief them about the characters of the Bible, the contents, and the importance of those websites. On the screen, he displayed to them many valuable articles.

Brother Fulay was very patient with them. He was able to show them the themessage.com website, and showed them how to download Brother Branham's sermons. They were very glad to learn how to download a sermon from the VGR website.

Afterward, the children had some refreshments, followed by group activities. They really enjoyed the Christian atmosphere that was present throughout the gathering together and the company of one another. In closing of the all-day activity, they sang songs and ended the meeting with a word of prayer to our Heavenly Father.

While they were saying goodbye to go back home, we noticed that it was hard for them to separate from one another. Certainly, that gathering was a blessing to them. We are praying to have another opportunity to have them gathered together again.

Brother Aristides Eurico

We will post part two of Brother Aristides’ report, about the effects of the Cub Corner Magazine and the story of a little girl with her precious treasure, in the days to come.