Angola Youth Event Pt 2

The following is part two of Brother Aristides’ report about recent youth events in Angola, and how they visited local churches to share a new shipment of Portuguese Cub Corner Magazines.

We had also received three editions of Cub Corners Magazine:

  1. Issue 24 – The Sword Of The Lord And Of Gideon
  2. Issue 25 – The Raising Of Jairus Daughter
  3. Issue 26 – Uzziah The King And Josiah The Little Boy Who Was King

When the local believers in the country (from Cabinda to Cunene Provinces) got the news that we had these magazines, they acquired them immediately for their little ones. Likewise, we received phone calls from different local churches in the country requesting these magazines for them to use during their Sunday School meetings with their little ones, especially as the Cub Corner magazines have got Sunday School games.

During that period, we visited some local churches. It happened that while visiting one of the churches, after the church service, we were invited to a house of a believer, where we found a little girl called Rachel of about eight years old (sorry, no picture). When she saw us, she quickly rushed inside the house and got a Cub Corner magazine. It was Issue 01- Fall 2008, “The Story Of Noah.” That magazine was worn out, and it was her only Cub Corner magazine. Her daddy got it for her many years ago.

She sat with us and went through her worn, old magazine. She had all the contents memorized and showed us everything in there. She was very proud. Now, she had the opportunity to receive new magazines! Little Rachel is very glad to have three more new Cub Corner Editions.

In closing, we also noticed that some of the children we came across never had a Cub Corner magazine in their lives, but this time their parents had the opportunity to acquire some magazines from us and place them in the hands of their precious little ones.

God bless Brother Joseph, and all brothers and sisters at the storehouse in Jeffersonville that are providing us with this special material. And God bless all those who make such sacrifices so we can have these things for our children.

Brother Aristides Eurico