A Little Encouragement From The Congo

We received the following short testimonies about the Coronavirus lockdown from our office manager in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic Of Congo. While the world may be shut down, God is still working behind the scenes to gather His Eagles together.

Brother Gabriel LUBUNGA, Pastor of Elohim Tabernacle - Lubumbashi, DRC

What a wonderful time we are going through! After reading the letter of Bro. Joseph Branham of Thursday May 19, 2020, a voice inside me told me: “Make our homes churches to listen to the tapes; that’s exactly what we needed to do.” So I made all the members of the church “Elohim Tabernacle” aware that we needed to make our homes churches to listen to the tapes. And we started to follow the program Bro. Joseph sends us each week. We also have our local program, where we listen to tapes. Therefore, I have never felt so much love as when we are invited to fellowship around the same Message for the Bride around the world.

May God bless Bro. Joseph for this. Moreover, may God be blessed when we are in our home churches. He constantly blesses us. We are growing spiritually more than ever before. New souls are coming to the Lord. He protects us from Covid-19. Truly, may His Name be blessed forever.

Hypolite Kalonji Chico - Lubumbashi, DRC

My name is Hyppolite Kalonji Chico. I had been sick for three days, suffering from discomfort, and I had also lost the sense of smell; I could not smell anymore. But on Sunday, May 31, 2020, while I was listening to the sermon, “Look Away To Jesus” at 7:00 pm, I received my healing. Pray for me, for God to give me the Holy Ghost.

Sister Charlotte - Lubumbashi, DRC

My name is Charlotte. I am from a Christian family, but Pentecostals. I listen to the VGR Radio. In the depths of my heart, I feel that Branham's Message is true. My desire is to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and to be part of the body of Christ. I would like to choose a church of the Message of the end time that walks and believes God. But the greatest obstacle that stands before me is my family. The members of my family do not let me do as I wish, they are all against me. Please pray for me.

I have the contact information of the VGR office in Lubumbashi. Once delivered, I will go to have more details.

Raphael MUTEBA - Tabernacle chrétien de Hewa Bora Lubumbashi, DRC

My name is Raphael MUTEBA. The time of lock-down is for me and my family the opportunity to discover who is William Marrion Branham by listening to his sermons on the VGR Radio, Lubumbashi office.

Since I came to the Message, it is the first time for me that I follow the prophet with the brothers around the world at the same time or locally here in Lubumbashi. I bless Bro. Joseph Branham who has had the weight (guts/strength/power) to give us the Spiritual Food In Due Season, and to give us the SD cards. We bless VGR Lubumbashi for putting us in communion with Christ by listening to the Radio every day. Thank you!