Obedience To The Voice

Does the Lord speak to you? Think about that question for a moment. Does He speak to you, as an individual? The answer is, yes. But the problem we all face is identifying God’s Voice and separating it from Satan’s voice. Many times, they sound almost exactly alike, but one voice will compromise, and the other Voice will do exactly as God commands.

This brother from Nigeria was told to give an offering to a missionary friend, and as you will read, he stood firm on what the Lord told him.

Shalom Saints of like precious Faith!

This morning being Saturday July 5th, 2020 at 10:54AM, God gave me so much joy in my heart till I couldn't hold it, but share my testimony with you all for HIS Glory and Honor! Amen!

On June 3rd, 2020, I went to my bank to deposit N5,000 Naira ($12.82 US), which was part of the little money I had lent my daddy during the lockdown. A few days after he gave me the money, I went to the bank to make deposit, and prior to this said deposit, I had only N105.16 Naira ($0.27 US) left in my account. Right in the bank, while about to make deposit, something spoke in my heart to send the money to a missionary preacher of our Faith.

Although prior to this time, the thought had been in my heart, but I have been ignoring it until this day. I tried to shake off the thought again at first, seeing that I had hopes to use the money to purchase for myself a new laptop charger which cost exactly N5,000 Naira.

But again, the thought grew stronger, so I said, “OK, I'll send the money to His servant through bank transfer.” So I made the deposit, went home, and received the alert. Then I tried to make the transfer, but the bank wouldn't permit me to leave a figure below N100 Naira ($0.26 US) in my account. So I tried sending N4,900 Naira, and it went through. Then something told me and said, “N4,900 Naira ($12.56 US) is no different from N5,000 Naira ($12.82 US), besides, it isn't your fault that the bank wouldn't send the whole figure.” But then God's grace was on hand to help me respond, saying, “God told me to send N5,000 Nair and not N4,900 Naira, and that is just what I MUST DO!”

On June 5th, 2020, I went to my bank again to make a N1,000 Naira ($2.56 US) deposit, and something said, “How are you going to make a N100 Naira transfer and be charged N10 Naira by your bank? The Lord will understand and the preacher too, if he has prayed to God and is expecting the money, he surely will understand.” But God helped me reply to the devil again, saying, “No! N5,000 Naira must be N5,000 Naira, as that's just what it is before God.” So, immediately, I sent just N100 Naira ($0.26 US) to make up the N5,000 Naira.

On June 29th, 2020 2:00PM, I received a phone call from my elder brother, Joshua, who is self-employed. He asked me about how I have been coping with the lockdown. I told him about my experience, how I had backslidden, and how God has used the lockdown through HIS infinite Grace to trace my steps back to HIM. And that what I do the most during this lockdown through God's Mercies is pray, read my Bible, and also study the sermons. He said, “OK that's fine. Those things happen sometimes.” Then, just before he cut the call, he told me that he wants to transfer some cash to me, so I could use for my upkeep during the lockdown. I said, “OK, I'd very much appreciate you.”

Then later in the day, he asked for my account number, and I sent it to him. Just then, he forward N5,000 Naira to me. I received the alert and almost began to cry, thinking that God had returned back the N5,000 Naira I sent to HIS servant, maybe because I was sinful. My heart just broke.

Well, God gave me comfort; I got over the feeling. Then this morning being Saturday July 5th, 2020, I was listening to the sermon “Go, Tell My Disciples” 53-0405S. During the service, I heard Brother Branham giving a series of testimonies, and below is one of the testimonies that just melted my heart so much to vindicate this testimony.

256 This little woman over here, when she rose up from that tubercular, and the hospital said she was going to die. She walked around here, then she refused. She thought it was fanaticism, to come be baptized.

257 And sitting there one night, with a high fever, in her home, she could hear me preaching down through there, through her home. I was preaching on water baptism. She rose and come, and staggered her way into the church. And she was sitting right back there. And she said, “I must be baptized.” Great lump had swelled up on her shoulder. Mrs. Weber, over here, went and got her a robe, and come put it on her. She walked into the pool, with a fever, a hundred and four, and was baptized there according to what she promised God. And today…That’s been years ago. And today, there she is, setting here, alive, this morning, is because God lives and reigns, and He rose from the dead.

258 A few weeks ago, her and her daughter was over in Louisville. They were coming down along the street, and there was a poor, old beggar woman setting there. And she was begging. Said, “Lady, please help me. I’m in need.” She looked in her pocket, she had just enough money, fifteen cents, I believe it was, for them to cross the bridge.

259 She was walking along. She started walking on down the street. The Lord said to her, said, “Now, when you was helpless, I helped you. And that woman is helpless, and you won’t help her.”

260 She walked along on a little farther, said, “Lord, but I only got the fifteen cents. How would me and my girl get home? How could we do it?”

He said, “What is that to thee? Follow thou Me.”

261 She turns back around, goes back. She said, “Lady, excuse me.” Said, “I only have fifteen cents, is all I had, for daughter and I to cross the bridge.” Said, “I give it to you. It’s all I got. I’m sorry I haven’t got any more.”

She said, “The Lord bless you, my daughter.”

262 She turned around, started walking on. Her daughter said, “Now, mother, what are we going to do now?” Said, “All the traffic, it would be dangerous to walk that bridge.” Said, “We can’t walk the bridge now.”

263 She said, “I don’t know. He told me to go give it, and that’s all I had.”

264 Walking down the street, and just then she happened to look. Her daughter said, “Oh, mother, look! Here lays a nickel.” And she happened to look, and she said, “And here lays the dime.”

265 What is it? Just the way He does things. He lets us know He is here.

266 Here this last summer, I was out, meetings. My wife come in, she said, “Billy, I got to have a check. Got to go get some groceries.”

267 Some poor old preacher come by here, said, “Brother Branham, I’m out of money.” Said, “I—I’m broke. I’ve got to go to Texas.” Said, “I—I’ll pay you someday when I can.” Said, “Will you help me, help me?” Said, “I want fifty dollars.”

268 I went down to the bank, see if I had it. Well, I had just—just about a hundred, so I went over and gave him fifty dollars of it. He took it and went on.

269 The little things coming up, you know how it is. Wife said, “Billy, I got to have a check this morning, about twenty dollars, got to go get some groceries.” We went down and got the groceries. Come back. She forgot eggs. We wasn’t getting any. So I thought, “Oh, my, well,” thought, “maybe somebody will do something.”

270 So I went over, and I was helping Mr. May, was kind of…Wasn’t nobody at the house yet, and I was shoveling some dirt over there. I happened to look, and I seen an old car come in, drove into the side, and set down. An old preacher got out of there, kind of crippled up; and come walking up, sit on the porch, leaned back. I thought, “That poor, old broke-down preacher; I—I got to go over and see him.”

I went over. I said, “Good morning.”

271 He said, “How do you do, Rev. Branham?” Said, “I don’t guess you know me.” And he told me who he was. Said, “I’m one of these poor preachers.” He said, “I was up in Cleveland, they give me enough gasoline, get this far.” And said, “My old car is about dry out there.” Said, “Something told me to come by here.” Said, “Maybe you would help me a little.”

272 I looked at him. I thought, “My, uh,” you know. I thought, “Poor old fellow.” I said, “Let’s have prayer.”

He said, “I want you to pray. I got a bad hip.”

And I said, “All right.” We knelt down and started to pray.

273 When I started praying, the Lord said, “Give him five dollars.”

274 I said, “Well, Lord, course, You know all about it. You, You know whether it’s there, or not.”

And I said, “The Lord told me to give you five dollars.”

Said, “That’s too much, Brother Branham.”

275 I said, “But He told me to give you five dollars.” And I wrote the check. I said, “Take it over to Strother’s, they’ll cash it.” I thought, “Now what?” Went on out. He drove away, and was gone a little while.

276 There was a man working on the house over there, come over with Mr. Luther. He said, “Say, preacher!”

And I said, “Yeah.”

277 Said, “You know,” said, “I got a hundred hens at home.” And said, “Them old hens,” said, “I—I give them all the starters and everything else, and the feeds, and,” said, “I can’t get them things to lay.” He said, “About a week ago, I got down, I said, ‘Lord, if You’ll just—if You’ll just make these hens lay, I’ll give half the eggs away.’” Said, “You know, they started laying.” Said, “Next day I got ninety eggs.” He said, “I—I got a case of eggs here, I want to give you.” Five dollars, just exactly.

278 What is it? Just the way He does things. What am I trying to say this morning? I’m trying to say this, that, Jesus Christ lives and reigns. He has rose from the dead. He broke the bread. Their eyes come opened. They recognized that it was Him, just the way He did anything. You watch along and you’ll find out, just the way He does things, He still lives and reigns.

He lives, He lives, salvation to impart!

Ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my heart.

53-0405S - Go, Tell My Disciples

On hearing HIS Servant say under the Anointing of the Holy Ghost, “What is it? Just the way He does things.” My heart leaped for joy!

Praise the Lord!

I am still in the sermon, I must need return and continue with It!

God bless you!

Brother Emmanuel